Appointment Making - Open Opportunities For Your Sales Team

Create more opportunities with qualified appointments

1 day

Business benefit

Finding new, high quality clients is the objective of virtually every business. Increased competition and greater resistance to sales calls within the marketplace make it more challenging. Generating new business is a skill that can be learned. A skill that once learned can open many doors consistently. This one day programme focuses on increasing your opportunities to gain more ‘qualified’ leads with prospects who genuinely want to meet you and hear about what impact your product or service can have on their business.


Target audience

Anyone who has to generate new business for themselves or their colleagues by making appointments, salespeople using the phone to find new customers, any internal telephone team whose role includes generating appointments or increasing sales to existing clients, or self-employed people who wish to build their business will benefit from attending this programme.

High spots

  • TACK’s phone lab creates a unique skills practise environment enabling you to practice, listen and gain feedback on your calls and hone your new skills
  • Learn how to increase your conversion rates when making appointments
  • Learn how to structure calls effectively
  • Match relevant features and benefits as a result of refined questioning
  • Increase confidence in overcoming objections through a simple and effective process

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to: 

  • Generate more qualified appointments
  • Get through to the decision maker
  • Open the call and gain the contact’s attention
  • Establish rapport
  • Create and establish the need for an appointment
  • Respond to objections with confidence
  • Close on the appointment


  • “Really enjoyed the day, was good putting structure in place, positive words, good closing and opening questions were all high spots.”
  • “Great course! All information was relevant to my job. The trainer did a great job of interacting and making the course fun and informative.”

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