Competency Analyser - Test Skill Levels Now And After Training

What is it?

The TACK Competency Analyser is a simple tool to establish the current skill / competency level of an individual or team.  It can be used to identify training needs and as a starting point for evaluation relating to training and performance improvement.  The Competency Analyser is typically used pre-training and then again several months after to measure actual changes in competency level.

The benefits to you:

The TACK Competency Analyser can help to:
  • Establish the key skills/competencies required for the job today
  • Establish the basis for totally focussed development of an individual or team
  • Create a platform of core skills on which each member of the team can build
  • Develop a consistent set of skills across the team to help identify current best practice
  • Create a basis for regular discussion between individual and manager relating to performance
  • Identify key areas for development through various forms of intervention
  • Demonstrate to the existing team the commitment of the company to progressive development
  • Attract new quality people in recruitment by demonstrating the company’s commitment to development
  • Give measureable value to any training intervention – moving away from ad hoc training
  • Provide a starting point in the evaluation process when measuring ROI
  • Support a national/international roll out of a development programme by over viewing common needs and improvement pre and post training

How does it work?

  • The Competency Analyser is available in soft or hard copy
  • Using our template we can add the skills you need to measure into the framework
  • The individual completes the Competency Analyser by working through each skill element and identifying the level at which they see themselves.  (the range of 7 options moves from unacceptable – excellent)
  • To aid objectivity the Competency Analyser should ideally be completed by the individual and their manager – agreeing the level of skill
  • The Competency Analyser is then processed by TACK and the results shown in a visual format
  • The Competency Analyser is then completed again post training and the same process applied to identify improvement and areas still needing attention
  • It is suitable for an individual or for a global development programme
  • It has the facility to be the basis for various levels of reporting by groups of teams, countries, regions and globally as overview summaries can be produced