Conferences - Delivering Insight To Your Audience

Adding value to conferences with industry experts


What is it?

TACK is able to contribute to the success of your company / sales conference by making key note addresses on specific topic areas or by injecting a training and development focus to the event – both designed to align entirely with the theme of your event.

The benefits to you:

  • Maximise the impact of a high cost conference 
  • Create a tangible outcome that can improve performance
  • Launch a development programme that is about to happen
  • Consolidate a development programme that has happened
  • Add credibility to a training and development session or theme
  • Engender team spirit and shared best practice in sales, management etc
  • Impress senior management with a very different type of event that can impact results
  • Stage an extremely motivational and high impact event

How does it work?

Conference contributions can be based on existing TACK sessions and material or on the many research studies we undertake into key issues in the commercial work.  Sessions can be created to address specific company issues.  The session can be for a defined time - usually one-two hours.
Conference themed training is a partnership between you, TACK and your conference organisers.  Typically TACK will lead the group by first scene setting with the entire audience followed by individual/team projects that develop the key learning points.