Financial Understanding For Sales Professionals Training Courses

Increase your ‘selling power’ by talking money

2 days

Business benefit

Today many key buying decisions are based on financial criteria and Return on Investment (ROI). So salespeople need to be able to talk money with their customers. This course will enable you to understand your own business better as well as gain insights into your customers’ businesses, their problems and pressures. You will be better prepared for customer meetings, be several steps ahead of your competitors in demonstrating understanding and empathy for their business pressures and you’ll know how to present your offering in the most attractive way. You will leave with a number of tools to help you including a financial jargon buster, a company analysis spreadsheet and a negotiation variable “what-if” spreadsheet.


Target audience

Sales professionals who need to understand the financial implications of their offer and better understand the financial workings of business. As they progress through their careers in sales and sales management they will inevitably be more exposed to financial decision making. This course provides the understanding they will need.

High spots

  • Understand how your customers’ businesses work and where the financial pressures are
  • Know what to look for in a company report
  • Be amazed at how much information is available to you if you know where to look!
  • Gain confidence in making business decisions which enhance your bottom line

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to: 

  • Establish what your customers are trying to achieve with their business and how their ROI is achieved
  • Assess how your decisions and actions affect your company’s profitability – using case studies and practical exercises
  • Interpret company accounts and use financial measures selectively and knowledgeably to reveal the financial health and pressure points that a client is under before you make your sales call
  • Evaluate the impact of pricing – the factors that affect the pricing decision and when to employ different strategies in different markets
  • Present a persuasive financial case – targeting their known ‘hot issues’ and geared to achieving their objectives
  • Assess the costs and revenues which are relevant to your decision-making and those which are not


  • “Excellent course which I will highly recommend to others.”
  • “Very pleased with the content. Presented in a way that was easy to understand.”

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