Incompany Training - Sales, Management & Personal Development

What is it?

In-Company training involves bespoke learning events that are designed to match your specific requirements in terms of your people’s development and training needs.  Topics are focussed on identified key areas and the programme is shaped to achieve the desired outcomes and key learning points for those attending.

This style of training can be delivered through a series of events or a one-off workshop. It may also be blended with other learning methods and support tools such as Competency Analysers, TACK Live or Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT).  In-Company training can be tailored by taking material from TACK’s existing know-how and open programmes, along with key models and weaving in your specific situation.  Alternatively we may start with a blank sheet of paper and a set of business and learning objectives and design something entirely from scratch.
Incompany Course Design Process TACK

The benefits to you:

• This is a development intervention that can give the maximum return on the investment of time and money as it focuses entirely, 100% of the time on the key areas that have been identified based on the strategic direction of your business or individual/group needs

• You enjoy and benefit from a close relationship with the trainer who can, over a period of time, bespoke the material and contents more and more to the requirements of the group
• Progressive development can be delivered through a series of modules with interim projects that link each event with opportunities to use new techniques and approaches.  The progress of delegates can be plotted and the trainer and managers can work closely in devising an on-going development plan that helps retain talented people
• The creation of this on-going development/learning journey can prove a key differentiator for a company when attracting new people and helping to ensure that they retain the most effective performers
• Experience has shown that clients get maximum benefit from in-company events when the whole programme cascades from senior management and importantly through the delegates’ line managers.  Their support in the embedding stages will add much to the transfer of learning process 
• TACK provides different types of development needs analysis tools to establish exact training needs

How does it work?

Your TACK account manager will discuss with you the key business issues which need to be addressed and the likely requirements.  A specialist trainer is then selected – according to your organisational culture, style and the subject to be covered – and introduced to you to carry out background research, agree learning objectives, materials and agree logistical requirements.  We seek to establish a development partnership between you, your account manager and training consultant to evaluate the training and identify future opportunities and needs.