Leadership In Senior Management - Leadership Training At The Top

Achieve high level results by developing high level people

2 days

Business benefit

The common ingredient of all business success is ‘leadership’ – without it there is no growth and no future for any organisation. Most leadership actually happens at the middle and lower levels of the company – but the example and inspiration comes from the top! This highly practical workshop addresses the realities of leadership today.

Although there is no single ‘magical ingredient’ which makes everyone a great leader, there is a ‘leadership formula’ which can be applied to identify and maximise our strengths and develop ourselves to be as effective as we want to be. This active and stimulating programme looks at the component parts of leadership success and helps you to relate them to yourself, your team, your company and your situation. Participants will also benefit from meeting with other managers and directors from different companies and exchanging ideas and experiences with them.


Target audience

This course is designed for anyone who manages other senior people and has a responsibility for a small or medium company, or a business unit within a large company.

High spots

  • Performance development planning – practical tools to analyse each of your team members and plan how best to maximise their performance
  • Real life case studies – you take a structured look at your current leadership situations, develop a plan to address them and discuss it with others with similar experiences

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

  • Evaluate your current position and determine whether any changes to your strategy, vision or culture are required
  • Develop authority and influence – learn what constitutes a good leader and what areas, if any, you need to change
  • Assess your motivation techniques – tailor them to suit the needs of each individual
  • Introduce the concept of ‘enabling leadership’ – create an environment where people are trained and trusted to work on their own initiative
  • Manage performance – analyse any problems and apply performance improvement techniques
  • Build effective teams – recognise the different roles each team member plays and how to mix them for optimum results
  • Provide effective coaching and mentoring at a senior level
  • Identify and develop potential – the ultimate long term solution


  • “I highly valued this course and will certainly recommend it to my colleagues.”
  • “A really enjoyable 2 days spent with a good group and an inspirational trainer.”

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