Lean Learning - Sales, Management & Personal Development Training

What is it?

Lean Learning is a training approach which:
  • Reduces an overall learning need to a number of small individual learning elements
  • Delivers skills and knowledge in short modules (‘bite size chunks’), each of which have very limited objectives
  • Takes minimal time to teach the key priorities and makes no attempt to cover any non-essential detail.

It is based on principle of “being better by one percent” which seeks to improve overall performance by making very small improvements (e.g. ‘one percent’) in a large number of performance elements.

The benefits to you:

  • There is a menu of available topics and learners attend only those which they need to close their skills gaps. (This is as opposed to the ‘sheep dip’ principle where everyone receives the same training whether they need it or not)
  • Lean Learning makes it possible to be very precise about which training is delivered to which learners. It makes learning very time efficient
  • Lean Learning sessions are ideal if the client has a number of people to develop in different areas and find it difficult to release them for more than a day
  • Lean Learning is a highly cost and time effective way of ensuring a large group of people receive some learning and development
  • Can be used as a topic taster, to establish (further) training needs or to consolidate and build on a previously attended programme

How does it work?

You choose up to three 2 hour sessions on a specific subject of from TACK’s learning menu.  Typically up to 10 delegates attend any of the sessions.