Management Essentials 2 - Build Upon Your Management Skillset

Develop your full potential as a manager and a coach

2 days

Business benefit

With everyone having access to the same information and technologies there is often very little to differentiate organisations today. So it really is the quality of your people that makes the difference. In a business environment where change is the only constant, coaching, counselling and developing potential are the crucial people management skills. This course builds on the ideas, tools and techniques learned on Management Essentials and develops communication skills. You’ll be shown the necessary skills and techniques and then you benefit from participating and acting as an observer in practical coaching exercises and counselling role-plays. Case studies offer you a chance to solve problems and make decisions in a supportive learning environment.


Target audience

This follow-on course builds on the skills from Management Essentials. It will also benefit more experienced team leaders, managers or supervisors who have not attended part 1 or other formal training and require development in coaching and counselling or in handling the challenges of change.

High spots

  • Practical coaching exercises
  • The ‘Teamwork for Change’ project introducing you to a new way of understanding people’s attitudes to change
  • Exchanging constructive ideas and tips with other delegates in the role-play feedback and analysis sessions

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

  • Integrate learning into your teams’ daily activities
  • Identify Key Result Areas (KRAs), select Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and agree realistic targets with each member of your team
  • Focus on the key development needs of each member of your team and get them to take ownership of their own Personal Development Plan
  • Identify needs and opportunities to improve performance through coaching, and have a chance to practice the skills needed to develop and implement truly effective coaching programmes
  • Plan and deliver counselling support to help any member of your team face up to their problems
  • Recognise the inevitability of change and adopt a more systematic approach to forecasting the likely sources and challenges of change
  • Plan and conduct meetings and influence others so that every discussion leads to a clear decision and every decision is carried through into follow-up actions
  • Analyse problems and provide both short and long term solutions
  • Work to priorities and cope with the symptoms and the causes of stress in today’s high-pressure environment
  • Plan for improved performance of yourself and your team members


  • “My manager and my team noticed a major difference after part 1. I know they will see me using even more new ideas and improved techniques after part 2.”
  • “The role-plays have massively increased my confidence in my counselling skills.”

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