Managing Channel Partners - Training To Grow Channel Business

Motivate your distributor channels to promote your company profitably while building their own businesses

2 days

Business benefit

Marketing through channel partners offers many advantages – but also some serious challenges. The key is to have a strategy which generates win/win for both parties. Strategy alone however, is not enough – excellent relationship management is essential.

Selling through a team or an organisation that is not directly under your control presents special challenges. Learn how to train and motivate your channels to achieve outstanding results by setting performance standards and monitoring results. Whether you are newly appointed or experienced, this very practical programme gives a wealth of ideas for achieving company targets. Case studies, input sessions, skill practice, questionnaires and a unique ‘computer-generated’ simulation exercise combine to provide a stimulating and enjoyable two days.


Target audience

Experienced, newly appointed and potential export/channel managers, as well as more senior sales executives seeking an in-depth appreciation of channel management will benefit from attending.

High spots

  • A competitive business simulation which gives you the chance to act as the board of a distributor in a dynamic market
  • Identifying your own ‘channel management style’ and learning how to adapt it to suit different partners
  • Getting key insights into relevant marketing and financial techniques which will help you advise your partners
  • Learning performance indicators which generate win/win outcomes for all parties

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:
  • Recruit the right channel partners – identify characteristics of a ‘dream distributor’ to match your own channel portfolio
  • Use interview techniques to fully explore potential channels – avoid costly mistakes of unsuitable partner selection
  • Produce and present business plans that win commitment from your channels – target key elements and present them in an acceptable way to your channels
  • Effectively monitor your channel partners – understand the importance of Key Performance Indicators in channel management and how to set them so you can monitor activity and targets
  • Use your marketing knowledge to promote your business profitably – finding the right Marketing Mix to achieve your joint objectives
  • Become a flexible and effective channel manager – understand that different channels need different management styles
  • Motivate your distributors for a win/win outcome
  • Implement distributor training programmes that ‘stick’ – apply the learning techniques and professional training methods that make training for this specialist audience motivational, memorable, participative and fun
  • Apply the principles of Partnership Selling – make great joint calls and use them as coaching opportunities
  • Act as a ‘business adviser’ to your channel partner


  • “Great learning opportunity for me.”
  • “A great opportunity to see things from my channel partner’s viewpoint – I can now give much better advice.”

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