PRO-PAYBACK Selling® Blended - Sales Training In Your Own Time

Pre-course eLearning and sales skills practice workshop

2 days + elearning

Business benefit

Skills and knowledge are vital components of the successful salesperson’s toolkit.  Applying those skills is, in reality, very challenging to do. This unique programme blends TACK’s proven PRO-PAYBACK Selling® model with eLearning and a highly practical 2 day skills practice workshop. This blended approach achieves full sales professionalism with less time away from work because the process is learnt online and practiced in an intensive two-day workshop.


Target audience

New and experienced salespeople from any type of selling background, management and non-sales personnel requiring a greater sales awareness will all benefit from attending.

High spots

  • Learning at your own pace with access to TACK’s unique eLearning module
  • Flexible and easy access to the entire selling process for 12 months – refresh and work on all steps or those that need the most attention
  • The theory is divided from the practice and each is given its own focus – the workshop concentrates on practice and experience, supported by real time coaching
  • Skill practice brings together all that has been learnt and is supported by coaching and feedback

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

  • Take your sales skills to a higher level – access to your eLearning for 12 months and an intensive 2 day workshop to practice your skills will help you achieve sustainable improvement and results
  • Apply the 10 stages of the PRO-PAYBACK Selling® model to your own sales situation – through a series of interactive exercises, case studies and role-plays on and off line
  • Analyse your own performance and identify areas for further development and practice – with support from fellow delegates and coaching from your course leader
  • Confidently apply the PRO-PAYBACK® process in every sales conversation
  • Understand the different personality types you sell to and how to adapt your approach to each type of customer
  • Apply a clear and effective strategy for writing e-mail ‘follow ups’
  • Implement a practical Personal Action Plan for continuing development as a sales professional


• “I particularly liked the Sales Maze exercise – a great way of revising good
sales principles.”

• “The PRO-PAYBACK® system works really well. Having now practised it
and received feedback I feel really confident.”

Courses available nationwide

Our range of training courses include Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Leadership and Management, Personal Development and Financial topics and are available at venues nationwide.