Research Surveys

Delve into your business and prepare to grow


What are they?

TACK can work with you to produce independent surveys which are designed to be used internally or externally to test reaction to the business environment, customer reaction (product), customer satisfaction or individual employee engagement.

This independent tool provides objective feedback on issues and situations that can impact the profitability, focus, development, productivity or employee commitment to a company.  The example below shows the benefits of an employee engagement survey.

The benefits to you:

  • An independent assessment of how committed employees are to your organisation and therefore how committed they are to the achievement of corporate objectives.  Employee engagement is considered to be an indicator of profitability, productivity, customer and employee loyalty
  • Such a survey can identify priority areas for a your L&D focus across a range of offices, teams, branches or specific functions
  • The outcome of undertaking an employee engagement survey is to focus on those areas that are considered to have an impact on the bottom-line i.e. sales revenue, productivity, customer loyalty and employee retention.  Based on the results of the survey you can develop specific action plans that need to be put in place
  • Survey results will provide a benchmark for future comparison and can be used to compare with the industry
  • Engaged employees will go the extra mile to achieve company goals and tend to be more creative in finding solutions to challenges

How does it work?

The survey is conducted by TACK International using an online research tool.  Using a third party to implement the survey supports impartiality and employee anonymity – both are key to achieving reasonable response times.
Following an initial consultation and planning meeting with TACK, the process would take 6-8 weeks as follows: 

  • Week 1 – 3 consultation meeting with TACK to agree objectives, plan content, implementation and communication
  • Week 2 – TACK circulates specification, including draft survey to stakeholders for review and amends
  • Week 3 – final amends.  Communication to line management, explaining their role and providing response prompts to respond to likely questions
  • Week 4 – e-mail inviting target audience to complete the survey online providing 10 days for completion
  • Week 5 – chase up communications as necessary
  • Week 6-7 – complete response and produce report on findings and recommendations
  • Week 8 – present findings and recommendations to stakeholders – agree next steps