Directors' responsibilities

A practical, informative and current workshop – a “must” for all company directors

Business benefit

Promotion to director is more significant than any other, bringing with it legal duties, responsibilities and perhaps even personal liabilities.  This course reviews the legal implications and helps the new director avoid the potential pitfalls.

Appointment as a director is made when it is felt that an individual has the talents and experience to help guide a company into the future.  The skills and knowledge required are not automatically in place on appointment and surprisingly many appointees are just left to sink or swim.  This short course will raise many important topics and help the individual director when they face major decisions.

Target audience

This programme is ideal for newly appointed directors or those without a legal and financial background.

High spots

·         The duties of a director – laid down by statute

·         Relationships with shareholders and parent companies and their importance

·         The potential result of assuming financial liabilities

·         Knowing what can land you in jail and how to avoid it!

·         Negligence and how to avoid it

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave this course able to:

·         Describe how a company is constituted

·         Recognise your powers as a director

·         Perform your duties as a director

·         Describe the relationship with the company and the shareholders

·         Avoid and be aware of potential liabilities

·         Better understand Contract Law

·         Implement your Health and Safety responsibilities