Financial Understanding for the Senior Executive

Plan your profits, take control and protect your cash flow

Business benefit

This course defines the jargon so that you can take control, ask your accountants the right questions and improve profitability. A competitive business project and the opportunity to discuss your company’s financial reports with one of our accountants will help you put your knowledge and strategies to the test.

Target audience

Directors and senior managers from any function who want to improve or update their knowledge of finance and management accounting.  Senior managers of growing companies will find this course particularly valuable.  Delegates need not have had any previous financial training.

High spots

·       A competitive business simulation exercise enables you to take key decisions while assessing the financial impact.  You’ll consider the P&L account, balance sheet, stock levels, cash flow, tax, dividend policy, pricing, staffing etc

·       You will assess how much a company is worth using the company valuation process

·       Using the Investment Appraisal process you will assess whether to lease or buy and whether to go ahead with an investment decision

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

·       Read company accounts and understand the business from the figures

·       Identify what the figures really represent and understand the key financial ratios

·       Manage and forecast your cash and assess the balance between equity, loans and other finance options

·       Acquire the necessary financial information to make the right decisions

·       Assess the impact of pricing by using the TACK Price / Volume card to see how pricing can dramatically affect your profitability

·       Prepare meaningful budgets and forecast profitability

·       Generate value from your business for your shareholders and understand the value of a business for acquisition, flotation or sale


·       “Although an accountant myself, the course allowed me to focus on the needs of other managers.”

·       “Extremely interesting, gave me an insight into the ramifications of accounting and finance.”

·       “Very comprehensive, overall course standard highest I have ever attended.”