Influencing and Communication Skills

Increase your impact and personal effectiveness

Business benefit

Working with and through other people is critical for business success; these can be your peers, your direct reports, your boss and other senior managers, or people who are external to your organisation. This dynamic programme will help you build on your skills in developing relationships, making decisions and achieving results. You'll learn how to interact with other people to improve cooperation, reduce conflict, maximise everyone’s productivity, and achieve increased personal effectiveness.



Target audience

This programme is ideal for people from any business function who are looking to develop their interpersonal skills and achieve greater business success. It is also designed for those being developed for executive responsibilities and is particularly appropriate for people who do not have staff reporting directly to them but do have to work with, and through, others.

High spots


· Emotional Intelligence and how interpersonal skills are just as important as technical skills in achieving business success
· Learning how to achieve your objectives whilst retaining good working relationships
· The TACK Executive Profile will provide you with a rare opportunity to focus on yourself through honest and constructive feedback

Key learning points & outcomes


You will leave the course able to:
· Apply the components of emotional intelligence to increase your chances of business success
· Use persuasion to deliver the desired results
· Understand your behavioural style and adapt it to get the best from every situation
· Negotiate effectively to achieve your objectives whilst maintaining strong relationships
· Deal with conflict situations assertively
· Solve problems and make effective decisions
· Manage the complexities of corporate politics
· Apply the TACK Executive Profile – understand yourself and how you come across by receiving structured feedback from your fellow delegates
· Think creatively – receive feedback on whether you’re strength lies in left or right brain thinking and develop ways to achieve a balance



· “A fascinating and revealing insight into who I really am!”
· “It made me think about what I want out of life!”
· “I enjoyed receiving honest and constructive feedback.”