Measuring Training Return on Investment

Don’t guess or hope. Know your ROI and prove it!

Business benefit

This highly practical workshop will very clearly benefit your business as participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to design and source more targeted and beneficial learning interventions delivered in the right media to get the best results and see real bottom line improvements.

You will raise your profile within your organisation by speaking the language of the Board, justifying learning investments using proven business tools and proving the benefits of your efforts.

Target audience

This short course is ideal for HR and training professionals and anyone with responsibility for sourcing, buying and justifying investment in training.

High spots

·         Use all 4 levels of Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation

·         Link learning initiatives to strategic objectives

·         Justify learning investments

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave this course able to:

·         Apply Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of training evaluation

·         Link learning initiatives to corporate strategy and to business issues

·         Use simple financial evaluation techniques

·         Apply financial techniques to different types of learning initiative:

·         eLearning

·         Skills training

·         Behavioural and leadership workshops

·         Personal development initiatives (self-directed learning, coaching, mentoring, talent and high potential programmes)

·       Produce a draft presentation justifying a real learning opportunity in your workplace

·       Plan the measurement and communication of real bottom-line results to further raise the profile of HR/Training and to gain further credibility for future ideas



·       “Excellent day really thought provoking about how we measure and evaluate our training.  I will use information when planning projects more thoroughly.”

·       “Very practical workshop – well delivered to a receptive audience.  Great value to HR managers/directors involved in projects.”