Motivational Leadership

Inspire your team to achieve peak performance

Business benefit

Great leadership is the key to success in challenging times.  Leadership needs to happen at all levels in your business – not just at the top.  This practical and engaging course breaks down the leader’s role into distinct elements and shows how to carry them out in the real world. 

Your people are your most important and expensive asset.  If they are well trained, well organised and well motivated then your business will obtain maximum value and productivity from them.  It will also stand the best chance of achieving higher levels of profitability.  Good leadership can be taught and this course teaches it in a way that appeals to all ‘people managers’ at all levels.

Target audience

This course is ideal for anyone who manages one or more people and is designed for all levels.   The course is also ideal for anyone about to be promoted to a position which includes people management.

High spots

·       Receiving feedback and constructive advice to help you produce your Personal Action Plan

·       Action projects which let you practise your leadership skills

·       Evaluating your own use of power and authority and deciding how you can increase your leadership influence

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave this course able to:

·       Perform the full leadership role and satisfy the needs and demands of your team members

·       Manage flexibly according to the ability and character of your reports - stimulating maximum performance

·       Tackle the challenges of management, proactively problem solve and make quality decisions

·       Motivate, delegate and develop your staff


·       “I enjoyed the course thoroughly.  I’m feeling very positive and hopeful about the challenges at work.”

·      “Covers very relevant info to my role.  Gave me time to think about my managerial strengths and weaknesses.”