Professional Telephone Selling

Develop your skills and confidence and enjoy selling over the telephone!

Business benefit

Increasingly, companies look to office based sales teams to increase their customer portfolio and penetrate new markets.  But with around 6,000 call centres employing more than 600,000 staff in the UK, standing out from the crowd to sell successfully by telephone can be tough!

And whilst today’s corporate buyers accept and even welcome the telephone as a sales channel, only 30% of buyers feel that salespeople use the telephone well (source: TACK International Buyers’ Views of Salespeople study 2010).  So there are clearly some key skills gaps - gaps that can be filled through telephone sales training.

TACK’s Professional Telephone Selling workshop is a must for people who have to undertake any aspect of proactive selling by telephone in the business to business world.

Target audience

It will benefit both those who are relatively new to telesales and more established telesales professionals who need to refresh their core skills or who may not have received formal training.

High spots

·       TACK’s Telephone Lab creates a unique skills practice environment enabling you to practise, listen and gain feedback on your calls and hone your new skills

·       TACK’s PRO-PAYBACK® Selling Model provides a structured and proven sales process that consolidates best practise selling methodology, to give you a practical tool to achieve your sales goals

·       Learning how to motivate customers by communicating with ‘YOU Appeal®

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

  • Focus on the purpose of your business role to protect, build and expand your sales with proactive calls
  • Dismantle mental barriers – create a positive state of mind to build your confidence
  • Proactively target the right prospects and customers to generate the best results
  • Plan measurable objectives – to optimise your selling time
  • Apply call structures to ensure every conversation is productive and achieves its objectives
  • Use voicemail to everyone’s advantage – it’s a great sales tool when used professionally!
  • Begin calls confidently – involve the customer from the start
  • Engage in conversational questioning – see how one high value question gives you the answers you need
  • Answer “Why you?” – personalise the impact of your product or service
  • Address resistance – respond to both the logical and emotional element comfortably and naturally
  • Win commitment confidently – successfully conclude the call where both parties are happy use the tools and techniques you need to succeed and enjoy this proactive and vital role


·       “Everything was made really simple and structured.  Made it easy to follow and use.  I would recommend this course to anyone involved in telesales."

·       “Gave me some good ideas for a more structured approach to calls and for a more assertive approach to overcoming objections.”

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