Negotiating Skills

Win the deal and keep your profit in any business climates

Business benefit

The ability to negotiate well is an absolute necessity.  Anyone can strike a deal by conceding, but in today’s market you can’t afford such tactics.  Change the game and turn the typical positional negotiation into a co-operative discussion.  Even the toughest procurement specialists will want to do business with you again and you’ll keep your margins.  This course offers the latest methodologies and coaching from seasoned negotiators.  You’ll also receive unique insight into how buyers think and behave.

Target audience

Anyone who has to conduct negotiations will benefit from attending.  Although the course is principally designed for salespeople, buyers, procurement, sales managers and key account executives, it is equally suitable for any other executives (e.g. accountants) who are involved in commercial negotiating.

High spots

·       You'll participate in a complex contract renewal negotiation - variables of price, volume, credit terms, discounts and expansion plans must all be negotiated and agreed!

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

·       Apply the structure of negotiation from pre-planning through to follow up, so you will know when to move on to the next stage

·       Prepare for your negotiation – research shows that your outcome is largely determined before you get to the table

·       Use logical and psychological techniques to plan your strategy and carry out your negotiation professionally

·       Recognise the strategies and tactics used by professional buyers and apply effective countermeasures

·       Overcome the buyers’ stance by understanding their priorities, wants and needs

·       Assess the effect of concessions and establish if the end result will be commercially viable

·       Identify your strengths and weaknesses and those of others through role-play and analysis, allowing you to improve your negotiating style


·       “An excellent course as not only did I learn new things and terminology but questioned my current way of doing things.”

·       Very well run course which covered all of my training objectives.”