Assessment And Development Centres

Assess and evaluate new and existing staff


What are they?

Assessment or development centres enable an objective look at people in a controlled environment to determine their potential, strengths or areas for development using a series of projects, exercises, interviews and analysis.

The benefits to you:

  • You will receive an objective, specific evaluation of your people either in existing roles or at the recruitment stage
  • You will be able to carry out an objective assessment of your people in the recruitment process, as part of a re-structuring, the process of redefining key roles, searching for new management talent
  • An assessment and evaluation process to ensure that the right decisions are made for both the business and for the individual

How does it work?

  • TACK uses your existing competency criteria, or designs a new framework with you
  • The Assessment Centre is completely tailored to your needs with exercises that are based on realistic and relevant scenarios from your industry
  • People are evaluated in action, either in real situations or via credible and challenging case study scenarios set within the context of your business
  • All this is complimented with behavioural profiling tools, skills application tests, motivational analysis exercises, presentation evaluations and behavioural interviews
  • Delegates are observed in a relevant environment and receive up to the minute feedback on how their performance might be improved both during and after the Assessment Centre