Athens 2013 - thoughts following an amazing experience

By:Andreea UdreaSeptember 6th, 2013RomaniaNo comments

The 2013 TMI World Congress & the 2013 TACK International Conference was an unmatched demonstration of the power of the TMI Family & the TACK Family!!!

The title of this year’s Event was: “RAISING THE BAR”.
Its huge success marks the starting point of a wonderful journey towards the fulfillment of our strategic ambition of:
  • RAISING THE BAR for ourselves
  • RAISING THE BAR for the TACK brand and the TACK value proposition
  • RAISING THE BAR for the benefit of our clients
  • RAISING THE BAR for our competitors
  • RAISING THE BAR for the entire industry
And, ultimately leading the developments in relation to organisational knowledge and business practice by breaking new grounds.
We are destined to succeed by ensuring that:
  • We are preparing meticulously
  • We are improving through innovation
  • We are fulfilling our potential
  • We are creating an enduring legacy
  • We are realising our ambitions

Because when all this comes together, WE CAN ACHIEVE EVERYTHING that we put our minds and hearts to!!!


Athens 2013
Athens 2013
Athens 2013
Athens 2013
Athens 2013
Athens 2013
Athens 2013



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