Selecting a global vendor: staffing services

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Best suppliers for you business are those that offer goods and services that are in line with your needs and expectations. This includes quality expectations, speed of delivery, reliability, financial stability, commitment to service levels. Each one of these factors can be critical when your business is global and your global supply chain needs to be sustainable.

As the people are the backbone of each business strategy success, your People strategy should be carefully developed in order to support your global business. In todays business context, where country borders, language, culture are not obstaclesbut opportunites,it is equally challenging opportunity to develop global high performing culture for your company.

In numerous multinational companies, people strategy are built arround the universal model of employee life cycle.

Now, how all this relates to the headline given above? Well, focus will be on the key elements of employee life cycle and the importance of having a staffing services provider with a global reach, which can ensure this unique „people supply chain“ to be sustainable. Here are some of the benefits:

Attract –your global employer branding strategy is flavored by local culture seasoning.

Select – Running a global business requires universal competency model. Having a common understanding of selection criteria and having them applied wherever you operate makes recruitment and selection the key success factor of your people strategy.

Engage&Retain –service provider with the insight into global best practices and local market knowledge can support you with inspiring employee engagement programs and effective retention plans.

Development - In todays business environment, when 70% of learning comes from experience, people development is more focused on mobility programs and project involvement, than on formal training. Global provider will bring best in class methodologies and practices and help you build competency models, identify competency gaps, develop required skills end equip your people for international assignments and projects. Your people would feel competent and comfortable working in another market, and their performance predictable. Also, your talent management and succession planning programs will expand internationally and enable you to first look for the talents inside your international organisation.

Transition – This phase of the employee life cycle is crucial for initiation of the new cycle. Global provider can help both you and your disengaging employee; You with a reputation management and employee with redeployment.

Selecting the best service provider is as much important as selecting the best candidate for the position. Providers with the capability to support your global business can help you build and sustain healthy eco-system of your people strategy. 

Article written by Andreea Udrea & Dragan Vukosavljevic for CariereOnline


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