Finance for non-Finance


Key topics

core accounting,  investment and finance principles,  economic development,  cash vs profit,  excelent corporate governance



This course is designed for executives employed without strong financial or banking experience who are in daily contact with banks and financial institutions or who need to develop an understanding of finance in the context of the improving profitability through accounting and financial techniques. The course therefore strives to develop a general understanding on how your decisions and actions affect your company profitability and cash flow. The course focuses on a number of specific objectives, including the following:

  • Developing an understanding of the core accounting principles;

  • The fundamental principles of ratio analysis and early warning signals for company development;

  • The principles of investment and finance;

  • An Introduction to national and international finance;

  • An understanding of global economics and the impact of the financial sector on economic development;

  • Understanding the use and application of financial statements;

  • Developing a strong understanding of the use of the financial statements as a tool for analysing company development;

  • The differences between cash and profit and its importance in corporate development;

  • The core principles of investment appraisal, links with the financial statements and the difference between the approach of debt and equity providers in terms of financial analysis;

  • Quantitative indicators of potential credit problems;

  • Management risk and its limitations for corporate development;

  • The principles of good corporate governance in the modern business world.  

Trainer and Consultant: Juan Gamecho

Juan is a professional banking and finance trainer who for eleven years has been training students in banking, finance and credit analysis. He also provides training courses in finance for non finance executives and provides mentoring and training for young entrepreneurs. Juan has trained delegates from some of the largest industrial and financial institutions across Europe and the Middle East. Juan has also trained a wide range of financial and non financial delegates in Romania for some of the leading financial and industrial institutions operating in the country. He brings extensive applied knowledge of the Romanian market to his training programmes.

In parallel to his lecturing career, Juan has a 20 year career in merchant and investment banking, initiated in the City of London. Since 2003 Juan has been the managing partner of an independent investment banking advisory firm specialising in finance raising, credit analysis and corporate finance services in the emerging economies of South Eastern Europe. A core element of Juan’s work through Capital Restructuring is helping companies to restructure their debt and equity position with a view to strengthening company viability through their restructured Balance Sheets. It is this practical hands on experience of balance sheet restructuring that he brings to the courses and workshops that he develops for clients. read more about Juan's biography 



  1. Introduction and corporate objectives

  2. An introduction to international finance and the role of accounting

  3. Introduction to the Financial Statements

  4. The Profit and Loss Account- Part II

  5. Concepts in Investment Appraisal and Credit Analysis

  6. The Balance Sheet

  7. The Balance Sheet – Part II

  8. The Cash Flow Statement

  9. Conclusion, Course Evaluation and Feedback


The course will be delivered in English.

Cost/ participant: 600 euro + VAT

Find more details and the agenda in the course brochure.




Below are provided a number of testimonials from clients and delegates who have attended courses that Juan has written and delivered in recent years.

"Sunt extrem de incantata de cele doua zile petrecute la voi. E intr adevar un curs excelent, palpabil, cu rezultate evidente pentru participanti. Mi-a placut si m-a provocat si va felicit pentru acest training in portofoliu.
De parca nu era de ajuns cursul, ati fost ca de obicei niste gazde impecabile! Recomand de o mie de ori!"

Raluca Tataru - HRM - G4SECURITY

“This was an excellent introduction to the world of finance. I've spent two very condensed days focusing on a lot of new concepts, and I benefited a lot from Juan's open and flexible course - he stopped to explain each time one of us had a question, and he's given us many examples from his work experience in Romania, but also in other countries. The seminar was so good that it actually made me think about continuing to study more on finance. Highly recommended for managers who miss a beat when they are involved in discussions about profitability and financial statements.”

Mihaela Azoitei

“The corporate credit course was the best training course I have ever attended in this area and my sincere thanks and appreciation to Juan for his effort, cooperation and professionalism in delivering this beneficial course”
Dr Abdul Kareem A. Al Zarouni phd, CPA, CMA – delegate for Advanced Credit Analysis course. Deputy General Manager and Group Internal Audit – National Bank of Abu Dhabi

“Juan is an amazing lecturer. He explained the theory of strategic risk and strategic development through real life cases. The whole group enjoyed his lectures so much"
Ilias Zafeiropolos – Professional Paper 1 and 3 (P1&P3) – ACCA training. Senior Partner of Mazars, Athens, Greece

“Juan is one of the best trainers we have ever had. His average feedback score for ACCA and CIMA students since 2004 has been 4.85 out of 5”
Stuart Whent – Managing Director, Regional Commercial Director, South East England. BPP. United Kingdom

“It was as excellent course. Juan is very knowledgeable, a great trainer and passionate about his work”
Hamada Al-Hadrami – delegate for 'Finance for non finance executives”. Mubadala Communications, United Arab Emirates

“The structure of the seminar and your ability to picture out the strategic and critical aspect of the corporate financing and business analysis have made together with the group discussions on very challenging and practical case studies a positive and interactive atmosphere”
Ioan Pitiriciu – delegate of “Credit Analysis and Debt Restructuring course. Senior Credit Analyst - Europe Arab Bank, Frankfurt, Germany