Story So Far - History Behind The First Sales Training Company

The amazing history of the longest established brand in sales training


1948 – TACK Training foundedGeorge and Alfred Tack

Two brothers, George and Alfred Tack, established the original TACK Company in London in 1948. TACK Training was born out of the brothers' first venture, a business called NuAire (air handling and ventilation). Alfred, a prolific entrepreneur, author and radio playwright, realised that to stay ahead of the competition they needed to train their sales team in the art of professional selling.

Before long, news of this new phenomenon, known as “sales training”, spread and other companies asked if they could come along and benefit from the training themselves. George and Alfred charged them to attend and TACK Training was born!

1955 – The start of TACK's international network

The first international partner, TACK Ireland, was recruited in 1955. Since then the goal of being able to respond to global clients at a local level, with the same consistently high quality worldwide has driven our global expansion.

1995 – TACK International becomes a separate company

The directors, employees and international partners purchased the business with a successful management buy-out from the TACK Organisation. The mission, values and philosophies remained unchanged and worldwide expansion continued. The name changed from TACK Training to TACK International to represent the growing international network as well as the wider value proposition to clients.

2005 – TACK International joins PRC Group

After 10 years as an independent company, the sale of the business to the PRC Group was completed in early 2005. PRC is Greece’s leading international consulting and business services group which also owns TMI (Time Manager International), another worldwide learning and development organisation. 

The future, 2012 and beyond

Today TACK is proud to operate in 45 countries, designing and delivering training solutions in 35 languages for clients who span every industry, size and scale. We continue to learn from our diverse client base and through regular research. We aim to bring that learning to every project in which we are privileged to be involved.