TACK Live - A Learning Portal

What is it?

TACK Live is an online learning portal, designed to help delegates attending their TACK programme get the maximum benefit from their learning experience.  TACK Live can be made available before a programme to help delegates prepare for their course and after a programme to access a variety of resources including key tools from the programme and quizzes to test their knowledge.

TACK Live is available as a value added resource to delegates attending most open programmes.  Clients with specific requirements – perhaps to support an in-company programme - may have their own version of TACK Live (branded specifically if required) populated with relevant surveys, quizzes, content etc.

The benefits to you:

  • Supports the all-important “before and after” principle so will help delegate engagement pre-course and extend and support the embedding of the learning post course
  • Ongoing access to key resources so participants can easily refer to and use tools and ideas
  • Can encourage and facilitate a learning culture within an organisation as training moves from an isolated event to an ongoing process
  • The online environment makes access easy and flexible (you just need internet access*) and accommodates those who are receptive to learning online
  • Usage can be tracked using the management information options – ideal for mandatory content where an audit trail may be required

How does it work?

TACK Live is accessible online. For access a user name and password is required.  Client branded portals require development of the core system and TACK will work with you to create a virtual learning environment that meets your specific goals.

* Please contact us for system information and requirements.