Text tips to your mobile - reminders whilst you work


What is it?

Texting in a training context is also referred to as a form of Mobile Learning. TACK Tips are available as a support tool for delegates following their training programme.  These can either be from the existing pool of TACK Tips of created specifically to support your in-company training programme.

Like a typical text message, TACK Tips messages are short bursts and are designed to reinforce key learning points, models and concepts and to motivate delegates to put their learning into action.

The benefits to you:

  • TACK Tips provide direct support for delegates to help them embed and apply their learning from their course when they are back in the business
  • TACK Tips are a highly cost effective form of communication
  • The medium is ideal for remotely based employees – providing a virtual coach in the field
  • The messages can have an instant impact on motivation and focus and they are timed to be received first thing in the morning to give recipients a boost for the day ahead

How does it work?

We agree the content, frequency, duration and target audience for the tips and that’s it.  The text messages are then transmitted and recipients immediately benefit from these short, sharp learning reminders.  The TACK Tips greeting can also be personalised to the recipient and sent from their TACK trainer to increase engagement.


“Jose, after all is said and done, often more is said than done.  How is your personal action plan developing? Have you talked it through with your manager? Best wishes, Carlos.”
“Jose, has your sales manager seen your role-play DVD? It gives you very constructive feedback to help your performance. Best wishes, Carlos.”