Sales for Non-Salespeople

Create a winning customer experience with every customer contact

Business benefit

All customer facing employees shape the experience and impression your customers have of your organisation.  This practical workshop is designed to provide your people with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to make a positive impact on sales and to understand the vital role they play in the customer’s experience.

Target audience

Any non-sales personnel who has cause to speak with customers, for example, technicians, engineers, support or service staff, maintenance staff or administrators.

High spots

·         Building your confidence in communicating with customers

·         Learning how to deal with customer resistance

·         Creating a winning customer experience with every customer contact

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

·       Establish your customer’s needs and match your products/services to those identified

·       Recognise loyalty and buying opportunities and act on them

·       Gain and hold your customer’s attention

·       Comfortably discuss commercial opportunities with customers

·       Be more effective in gathering information – understanding needs and wants

·       Ask open questions and engage in active listening – summarise discussions and take effective notes

·       Deal with customer resistance – build an objection bank and develop persuasive responses

·       Keep the right people informed – who needs to know what?


·       “Very useful!  Learnt a lot.”

·       Excellent course.  Very experienced trainer.  Thank you