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World-class Development Solutions

TACK is all about developing people, advancing business. At TACK, we understand that the development of your people is key to your success. We develop and deliver world-class training and development solutions to advance your business to higher levels of success. We have the expertise to elevate the competencies and skills of your people and your organisation in strategically selected key business areas, with a distinct focus on sales, sales management, leadership and management. We deliver tailored solutions to clients globally, designed for immediate application and positive impact ‘back on the job’. We can effectively support you to make a difference to your people’s performance and your organisation’s business results. As we move into the year 2016, we embark on a brand-new partnership with RVMS International Pte Ltd, a seasoned practitioner in the learning and development industry in Singapore and IndoChina countries.

TACK International’s partnership with RVMS is a milestone in RVMS’ 16 years of history in "Developing People and Companies" mission. Over the years, RVMS has built up a solid reputation as one of the leading training providers with regional presence in Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam. TACK’s appointment of RVMS as its Singapore representative office speaks volume of the trust in the quality and management of its programmes in Singapore and IndoChina countries. RVMS is proud to partner with TACK International in its unrelenting endeavour to provide a complete performance management solution through offering a wide range of corporate training programmes.

When time-tested performance management training meets solid professionalism and zest for performance improvement and enhancement, organisations can expect to witness radical changes in their organisational cultures and behavioural changes in their people. RVMS, together with TACK International, is leading the way for organisations to experience and sustain these changes, in their journey towards organisational excellence.

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