Channel Strategy & Planning

Plan and execute profitable channel strategies and business

1 day

Business benefit

Selling through a team or an organisation that is not directly under your control presents special challenges. Learn how to plan and execute a successful channel strategy to achieve outstanding results. Learn how to set performance standards and monitor results. Whether you are newly appointed or experienced, this very practical programme gives a wealth of ideas for achieving company targets. You will be introduced to proven models for recruiting and selecting partners, planning for mutually successful growth, and monitoring and controlling channel partners. Lectures, discussions and group work combine to provide a stimulating and enjoyable day.

Target audience

Experienced, newly appointed and potential indirect sales channel managers, as well as more senior sales executives seeking an in-depth appreciation of strategic channel management.

High spots

  • Choosing the right partner
  • Monitoring your channels
  • Business planning

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:
  • Learn about the key sequence of making a successful choice. Develop your own channel specification and requirements portfolio. Learn the secrets of successful interviewing. Learn how to fully extend potential channels during the selection process. Identify all the possible sources of partners. Companies often suffer from years of poor performance by having selected the wrong partner in the first place!
  • Why don’t channel partners do what they promise to do? Understand what KPIs are and how they apply in selling through a distributor. Understand how to set activity as well as result targets. Your lack of direct control means your monitoring must readily identify when things are not going to plan. We’ll give you template documents that illustrate best practice monitoring that you can adapt for your own situation.
  • Good business planning lies at the heart of effective channel partner management. Learn/discuss methods of producing business plans, what key elements are required and how to present them in a way that will be acceptable to your channels. Learn how to get agreed decisions implemented using the latest business planning tools. Too often account managers agree on a set of actions, only to find nothing has changed, when they next visit. Learn how to put a structure around distributors that results in follow through and implementation of the agreed tactics.


  • “Great learning opportunity for me.”
  • “A great opportunity to see things from my channel partner’s viewpoint – I can now give much better advice.”