Making Your Time Count

Stop counting wasted time

1 day

Business benefit

In today’s results-driven business environment, time management isn’t easy for anyone. Every day you have to face the pressure of increasing demands from your colleagues, your customers and your boss, plus the disruptive effects of constantly shifting priorities. This workshop packs an amazing amount into a one-day programme, using questionnaires, discussion groups, practical exercises as well as trainer input sessions. You’ll learn to plan and organise in ways you never believed possible before and learn how to cope with unavoidable pressures from other people without stress! You’ll go away with a bagful of ideas on how you can achieve even more than you do today with the same effort, achieve the same output but with less effort, or achieve much more through better planning, organising and assertively influencing others around you.

Target audience

Almost anyone can benefit from improving their time management but the programme offers particular benefits for people providing internal services and technical or administrative support, project-based staff, team leaders, supervisors and middle managers.


The workshop will be conducted through mini lectures, interspersed with role-plays, practical illustrations, discussions and activities to reinforce the subject.

High spots

  • Understanding your business objectives and personal priorities
  • How to maximise delegation
  • Handling paperwork and e-mail efficiently
  • Short-term, medium-term and long-term planning
  • Managing interruptions assertively
  • Assertiveness role-plays

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

  • Receive practical advice on how to get team colleagues, your customers and your boss to agree realistic priorities and use objective criteria in assessing your performance.
  • Understand how to balance importance against urgency. Learn how to create flexible plans and how to use the assertiveness skills to negotiate the resources needed to deliver them. Understand how achieving a sensible work/life balance can help you reduce stress for you and others around you!
  • Most of us spend a lot of time on tasks that a reasonably bright school leaver could do, given minimal training. Learn how to delegate, how to motivate those people to deliver quality results on time, and how to get every job completed at the lowest cost. Then take the maximising delegation questionnaire back to work with you to start that process rolling!
  • Find out how to reduce the amount of incoming communication and stop the massive daily build up of e-mail. Avoid clutter by learning simple rules for managing the top of your desk and clearing your in-tray completely every day.
  • Find out how you can build flexibility into your plans and practise preparing a Daily Action Plan for a really busy day in the Time to Plan exercise. Learn how to set up a Time Log to show how much time you spend on Critical Activities in your Key Result Areas.
  • Discuss the Dealing Assertively with Interruptions questionnaire and share ideas and tips with other delegates on how to cope with people who interrupt you. Also, learn from the proof model how to use assertive refusal techniques without upsetting important internal or external contacts.
  • Simple role-plays allow you to practise assertive responses to typical people who waste your time or interrupt you and you can get even more ideas and tips in feedback and discussion sessions about your technique and any alternative approaches you could try.