Retail Sales – Closing ‘The LOOPTM’

Create a winning customer experience

1 day

Business benefit

All too often, retail outlets fail to achieve their full potential due to a lack of planning and application of common sense. Research into consumer habits, likes and dislikes when shopping are too numerous to mention. This programme allows retail staff to develop their environments and approaches to fulfil store and personal potential. 

Using our specially written situations, participants see entertaining but powerful examples of how everyday interactions can be used to create more business.

‘The LOOP™’ approach is effective, easy to remember and apply and has a significant impact on customer and staff satisfaction. This course has been specifically designed to help those people in the organisation whose role involves contact with customers on a face-to-face basis. This programme will give them the skills and confidence to proactively engage with the customer.

Target audience

Any retail personnel who deals with customers and works as part of a team in a retail environment.


The workshop will be conducted through mini lectures, interspersed with role-plays, practical illustrations, discussions and activities to reinforce the subject.

High spots

  • Stages of Learning
  • The LOOP overview and Retail Training Philosophy
  • 5P- The Right mental attitude
  • The Stage, The Scene
  • The Loop™- Phases

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

  • Increased self-awareness and awareness of others as we present new ideas or products.
  • Learn this simple but powerful step-by-step process for turning these opportunities into business.
  • Revenue generation through a simple but effective process.
  • Create a positive first impression and develop rapport building skills for winning people over and it all starts with the 5Ps.
  • The importance of layout, clarity, and people to create the perfect customer experience. Tips for creating the right environment ‘The Scene’.
  • Getting the welcome and first contact right. Build a powerful yet simple process using interpersonal skills that will uncover areas of need that you may be able to help with. Use that information to create the customers’ interest in your suggestions...
  • LTTTB - Steps to a sale, understanding buying motives, and presenting the appropriate product in a motivational way - how to use features to explain benefits to customers.
  • Understanding offer opportunities and seeing where added value is for customers. Up sales, Cross sales and Plus sales.
  • How to gain acceptance and close, spotting the buying signals and gaining commitment. Handling objections in a professional and persuasive way and closing. Leaving the customer with a positive experience - ‘The Applause’ and impact of this on customer loyalty.