Sales for Non-Salespeople

Create a winning customer experience with every customer contact

1 day

Business benefit

All customer facing employees shape the experience and impression your customers have of your organisation and, while providing top quality customer service, they are in a unique position to identify sales opportunities and generate customer enthusiasm. This practical workshop is designed to provide your people with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to make a positive impact on sales and to understand the vital role they play in the customer’s experience.

Target audience

Anyone whose role involves meeting or speaking to customers – for example support or service staff, maintenance staff or administrators.

Please note this is not a course for people whose primary role is selling – the TACK courses Professional Telephone Selling and PRO-PAYBACK Selling® are designed for them).

High spots

  • Learning to see everything from your customers’ viewpoint
  • Understanding how different words, phrases and ‘body language’ can create customer rapport and enthusiasm
  • Appreciating and understanding how much you can help your company’s sales even though you are not in the sales department

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to:

  • Establish your customers’ needs and match your products/services to them
  • Recognise loyalty and buying opportunities and act on them
  • Gain and hold your customers’ attention
  • Comfortably discuss commercial opportunities with customers
  • Be more effective in gathering information – understanding needs and wants
  • Ask open questions and engage in active listening – summarise discussions and take effective notes
  • Deal with customer resistance – build an objection bank and develop persuasive responses
  • Keep the right people informed – who needs to know what?


  • “Very useful!  Learnt a lot.”
  • "Excellent course. Very experienced trainer. Thank you