Selling to Industry and Commerce

Solution selling to increase your effectiveness in business to business sales

4 days

Selling goods, services or capital equipment today presents both a personal and a business challenge. The process is more complex, your customers are more demanding and competition is tougher than ever before. Customers everywhere expect solution-focused, ‘customer centric’ salespeople who embrace trust, provide value and build partnerships. This programme addresses these challenges and can show your sales team how to operate professionally and profitably in even the most competitive selling situations. A stimulating combination of case studies, lectures, group projects, exercises and role-plays is used to practise and refine the necessary skills. Your salespeople, whether new or experienced, will leave with the knowledge and motivation to achieve even greater success.

Business benefit

  • People who are moving into a first sales role and need a solid grasp of fundamental sales skills and techniques
  • More experienced salespeople who may not have received any formal sales training, or who have sales skills gaps, and those who would benefit from a refresher
  • Particularly suited to those selling high value products/services to industry and commerce
  • For maximum benefit, delegates should attend PRO-PAYBACK Selling® within 3 months, to consolidate and cement their training


Target audience

New and experienced salespeople who sell to industry and commerce and also those selling at high level or where there is a need to negotiate. Non-selling staff or management who require greater sales awareness can also benefit, in addition to technical salespeople moving into front-line sales. To ensure consolidation and full development of selling skills, delegates should complete their programme by attending the Sales Training Course 2 (Skills development) module within three to four months. To further enhance skills, the Relationship Management programme, where appropriate, should be within twelve months.

High spots

Offer Analysis

Delegates prepare a Features/Benefits/’You Appeal’ of their product/service to present to their clients.


All delegates participate in team role play to demonstrate, practise and cement their consultative, partnership-based selling skills.

Group presentations

Delegates have the opportunity to present in groups or individually on various sales related topics.

Personal assessment forms and Action Plans

Delegates assess where they are currently and what

Key learning points & outcomes

  • Offer analysis
  • Gaining/maintaining attention
  • Closing/gaining commitment to objectives
  • Objective setting
  • Call planning
  • Selling styles
  • Questioning/investigation
  • Listening/interview control
  • Negotiation
  • Selling financial benefits
  • Selling/presenting to groups/committees
  • Use of visual support materials/equipment