Successful Networking

Turn contacts into business

1 day

Business benefit

Everyone who works in sales knows that nothing is more valuable than personal contacts. Your ability to "network" is often crucial to your success in business. You will learn to leverage your contacts in an efficient manner.

Target audience

 Successful Networking course is aimed at anyone working to build professional relationships.


Successful Networking is designed as a workshop where you will learn and find out what methods, ensuring that you get the most out of your contacts and relationships in business.

High spots

  • Networking opportunities and objectives
  • Different types of people and different interpersonal styles
  • Techniques for quickly building rapport with different people
  • Planning and preparation
  • ‘Elevator pitches’ and ‘Just a Minute speeches’
  • Starting conversations
  • Qualifying people
  • Closing conversations and moving on
  • Business cards
  • Working the room

Key learning points & outcomes

  • How do you communicate with the right people - the right way
  • How to recognize and adapt your style to different types of people
  • How do you set clear targets and success criteria for your "network work"
  • Preparation and planning by using a checklist
  • The art of making an effective personal introduction
  • Effectiveness, "elevator pitches" and "one-liners'
  • Get your message across to groups
  • How to prepare and present you a 'one-minute speech "that means you can get a group to listen
  • The trick to initiate conversations - how "you break the ice" with people you do not know
  • How to Qualify people in a quick manner - to determine whether it is worth spending time with each other
  • How do you create a good impression that will motivate others to want to talk to you again
  • How do you use your business cards as possible - correct use of own and others' business cards
  • How can you in larger groups effectively use your time completing interviews properly and quickly get around to everyone.