TACK Research

Using intelligence to develop our offer to you

To ensure the content of your course is up to date and always based on the current reality, we undertake regular research to gage the opinions of the market on key business issues. Not only does this furnish the content of every course we run but it is also available to you as a barometer for how your business is run and to help you make decisions.


2011 Sales Leadership SurveySales Leadership Survey

Hot off the press is our latest research into sales management. Given the continuing economic uncertainty and the view that growth will only be achieved through revenue creation rather than further cost cutting, we felt it essential to gain insight into the views of those responsible for revenue creation and therefore those with a key role in rebuilding the economy – sales leaders. We asked them how they feel about all aspects of the role they perform and we also asked salespeople about their views on the management they receive. This survey is a “must read” for anyone involved in sales management and those interested in benchmarking their own organisation and looking for best practice in sales management.

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TACK Buyers Survey

Bi-annual Buyers’ Survey


For over ten years we have been gauging the opinions of business to business buyers on a range of issues relating to the relationship between seller and buyer. Like all TACK research, our bi-annual Buyers’ Views of Salespeople survey ensures course material reflects the latest thinking in the market and it provides salespeople attending ourcourses with a unique insight – allowing them to respond to the real needs, wants and perceptions of customers. This research is a “must read” for anyone involved in selling and who really wants to get under the skin of what customers really think.

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