Personal Development Training - Courses To Reach Your Potential

Every business professional has areas of development that, if addressed, will significantly improve their performance and contribution to their organisation's success. Be that by being more impactful in presentations, influencing stakeholders to gain support and buy in, or getting to grips with the challenging world of business finance. Any professional who is able to identify and address these areas for improvement will have the rounded skills to make a success of their projects and make the right decisions to drive their company forward.

Choose the area of training that you need to focus on and see which courses may help you.

Personal Development
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Presentation Skills Training - Deliver Winning Presentations

Price: £ 999

Duration: 2 days

Next Dates: Coventry, Warwick Conferences 8-9 May 2017  More dates
London, DeVere WestOne 20-21 Nov 2017

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Finance For Non Finance People - Finance Training For You

Price: £ 999

Duration: 2 days

Next Dates: Coventry, Warwick Conferences 11-12 May 2017  More dates
London, DeVere WestOne 11-12 Jul 2017

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Influencing And Communication Training

Price: £ 999

Duration: 2 days

Next Dates: Coventry, Warwick Conferences 17-18 Jul 2017  More dates
Manchester, Cheadle House 16-17 Oct 2017London, Prospero House 4-5 Dec 2017

Develop your skill set and become more effective within your role

Your personal development is the start of a lifelong learning process

Your effectiveness as an individual is fundamental to your personal career development and to the success of your organisation. The ability to communicate effectively, see yourself and situations as others’ do, to approach change openly and to collaborate with, and learn from, others will not only set you apart but it will make life – personal and professional - much more enjoyable and far less stressful too!

Our portfolio of personal development programmes will help you enhance your suite of transferable skills by improving your ability to communicate effectively at all levels, your confidence and your overall business and personal effectiveness.

Like all TACK programmes, our range of practical personal development courses focuses not only on the “what to do” but the “how to do it”! Successful personal performance is as reliant on mind-set as it is on skill and so TACK’s programmes focus on both skill and behaviour. Participants will leave their TACK programme with a complete “personal development toolkit” giving them the resources, confidence and motivation to keep developing.

World-class personal development programmes designed for you

Our personal development courses cater for all levels and cover the complete spectrum of knowledge, skills and behaviour to succeed and they are designed to deliver immediate and lasting results. All our personal development programmes are available, worldwide, as in-company courses, tailored to your specific business and development needs. In some territories they are also available as open, public programmes – running regularly throughout the year at a variety of locations.

Underpinned by research and independently endorsed

Our personal development know-how is based on respected and recognised principles and models and is regularly updated to reflect best practice.