Sales Management 2 - Develop your Sales Management Skillset

Develop your sales leadership skills to maintain peak performance.

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High spots

  • You will build a working plan for the future development of your teams
  • Review your product/market positioning and how it impacts customer retention and profitability by using powerful strategic tools
  • Create your own business development plan to implement immediately after the course
  • Learn why different people behave the way they do!

Business benefit

The quality of your sales team depends on the quality of your sales managers. The more competitive your market, the more critical that quality becomes – Sales Managers must generate revenue and profit through their sales teams. To meet challenging sales targets you must be able to establish Key Performance Indicators for your team and then manage performance. This interactive course further develops your skills, enabling you to forecast future sales, plan future operations, introduce change and work with your team to successfully fulfil your role.

Target audience

This course is designed for everyone who has attended the TACK Sales Management course – ideally within 3-6 months of the original course.


“Course packed full of useful information. Excellently presented and down to earth by Simon.”

- Bryan Marland,
A O Smith Water Heaters

“The training was extremely relevant and delivered in a friendly and informative style at just the right pace. Thank you!”

- Nigel Greer,
Falcon Foodservice Equipment

Key learning points & outcomes

You will leave the course able to: 

  • Create and develop your own business development plan to increase profitable sales
  • Forecast systematically and analyse variances from plan
  • Use change management techniques which will help your team to adapt quickly to changing market conditions
  • Use financial information to make good operating decisions
  • Build and retain an effective team by applying best practice team building techniques
  • Identify and measure the ability of each team member and develop an individual performance improvement plan
  • Analyse performance problems and coach individuals to improve their performance
  • Train your team to negotiate profitably
  • Understand different interpersonal styles and apply your knowledge to managing relationships with customers and team members

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Course dates

London, Prospero House

Duration: 3 days

30 Oct - 1 Nov 2018
£ 1,869book
Crewe, Crewe Hall

Duration: 3 days

11-13 Dec 2018
£ 1,869book