Behavioural Based Safety

What could an undeveloped safety culture cost your business?

A limited or undeveloped safety culture can lead to unforeseen and serious consequences for your business. It is not just the victims themselves who will suffer the emotional impact of accidents - their family, friends and all of your workers will be affected.

This extended impact presents a very real and significant cost to the business, due to lost productivity, medical and counsellor bills, legal charges and recruitment fees - just some of the costs you could incur. 

The impact of these costs can lead to serious challenges for the organisation. With the introduction of the corporate manslaughter legislation in 2008, organisations are now liable to unlimited fines and responsible Directors, if proven to be negligent, are also potentially subject to custodial sentences.


The Cost of Poor Safety
*660 Prosecutions and £38.3 million issued in fines 


Ensure your business is protected.

“It’ll never happen to us” is a common mind-set - and the belief that implementing a system based culture of safety compliance is all that is required is a common misconception. 

It has become clear, however, that compliance alone is not enough and the law now requires organisations to do everything in their power to prevent injuries and fatalities in the workplace. The focus of organisations is now shifting to a behavioural based approach to safety.

Aside from the legal situation, consider the 4.5m working days lost every year to accidents in the UK, the associated recruitment costs, administration time and potential ill-feeling within your workforce - safety is more than just following a process, safety is a culture based on an intrinsic desire for safer living.

Embedding a culture of Safety Excellence in your organisation not only protects your business from financial, emotional and legal costs, but yields productivity, improved performance and an engaged workforce. 


The Cost of Poor Safety
*4.5 million working days lost to workplace injury 2015-2016

Safety Leadership

Safety Starts with Leadership

Do your leaders and their teams truly understand the consequences of a poor safety culture? Does your organisation see safety as a key success factor?


Safety culture benefits

Safety: A Key Business Driver

Safety excellence is about much more than the financial impact. Have you considered how your business can thrive and grow with a committed workforce?



Beyond Compliance

From Compliance to Commitment. A workforce committed to a culture of behaviour based safety contributes to safe, healthy, happy, motivated people - both inside and outside the workplace.


How TACK can help

How TACK Can Help You

Explore how TACK’s unique approach to behavioural based safety impacts business results. We can help you realise the benefits of a strong safety culture by moving from compliance to commitment.


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Safety Excellence in Action: Case Study 1

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Behavioural Based Safety isn’t an off-the-shelf solution.

Creating a culture of safety isn’t about a single training event, simple knowledge transfer or just telling people to comply.

The solution needs to be right for your company taking into account your vision, values and existing culture.

TACK partners with clients to design a journey that stimulates continuous and sustainable improvement in safety behaviours and performance.

Ultimately, the solution must change attitudes, trigger commitment and make excellence in safety behaviours an intrinsic way of life.

Contact us for a consultation – we’ll explore together how your organisation can create Safety Excellence.


 *Source: Health and Safety Executive - 'Health and Safety at Work Report - Summary Statistics for Great Britain, 2016'