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Train to retain top talent

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What makes a great salesperson

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Why do so many training programmes fail to deliver?

  A friend of mine tells the READ MORE

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We've added a new open course location!

  We are excited to announce that from January 2018 we will be running open training courses in Leeds!&nbsREAD MORE

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The changing role of a salesperson: Are you a dinosaur or a robot?

  Today’s sales landscape looks very difREAD MORE

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Are you paying enough attention to employee resilience and wellbeing?

  Employee resilience and welREAD MORE

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Are your managers damaging employee engagement?

 Increased productivity, higher levels ofREAD MORE

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How skilled are you in the art of negotiation?

  Decreased budgets, increased expectations, pressure on margins – soREAD MORE

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Salespeople... It's time to get digital

  Salespeople who use digital and social media as part of their sales process perform better than those who don't*.READ MORE

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Supplier or Trusted Advisor - How do your Key Accounts see you?

  It's a case of what you know and who you know. READ MORE

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Making Learning Stick Series - Part 2

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Making Learning Stick Series - Part 1

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Guest Blog: 4 Ways Leaders Can Do More With Less

 Citrix Interactions Blog: Read our latest guest article READ MORE

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Guest Blog: Presentation Phobic?

 Did you catch our latest Citrix Interactions Blog?  READ MORE

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Ready for 5 More Sales Management questions?

  Missed Part 1?READ MORE

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Can you answer these Sales Management questions?

   Take a look at these five questions and try to answer them honestly!READ MORE

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Get the Nod - and Make Things Happen!

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Avoid the ‘Click’ - Telephone Selling the Professional Way

  Sales. It’s a dirty word. Isn’t it? READ MORE

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Four Common Misconceptions about Giving Presentations

Do you go to great lengths to avoid having to make a presentation? Does the very idea fill you with dread? READ MORE

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Leadership Uncovered: Are you keeping it real?

Modern business teams are increasingly smart, diverse and multi-generational.READ MORE

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Get set for 2016 - TACK Tips for New Year Sales Success

Feeling refreshed, agile, prepared to wow your customers and smash your targets this year? READ MORE

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Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

By Samantha North, TACK Global Operations Director   READ MORE

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Selling in a Multi-Generational World

By Samantha North, TACK Global Operations Director   READ MORE

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Shaping A Better Customer Experience Through Your People

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Social Selling: Why It Matters

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Why 'Key Account Planning' Puts the Focus on Soft Skills Development

By Simon Broom, TACK Sales Training Consultant   READ MORE

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Why Saying Less Is Saying More


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The Role of CRM Systems in Key Account Management: What Really Matters

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The 7 Most Common Excuses Salespeople Use To Avoid Cold Calling

Having said this, it still remains one of the best and fastest ways to get new business, so if done right can produce excellent results! READ MORE

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The Power of Influence

These people have one thing in common – they know how to influence people, despite the fact they are not in a position of authority.READ MORE

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Show the love this Valentine's day...

It’s a complete myth that the meaning of Valentine’s Day is taking your girlfriend toREAD MORE

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The Most Un-Asked Question in Selling

By Hitesh Patel, Performance Improvement CoachREAD MORE

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Proactive pipeline management and forecasting

By Simon Cooper - Senior Sales Training Consultant at TACK InternationalREAD MORE

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Effective leadership: Through the eyes of your employees

In business today, it is an undeniable truth that good management is a key ingredient to greater levels of employee engagement and organisational performance.READ MORE

The pilot that can't fly

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Selling ice-cream in the winter!

Calin Gligorea, Sales Training Consultant, TACK Romania READ MORE

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Selling to the Different Generations - Pt 3

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Selling to the Different Generations - Pt 2

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Selling to the Different Generations - Pt 1

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The Power of Face to Face Training

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The Laws of Visionary and Humanist Leadership

One too many times, leadership is viewed as a management function, as a pure control and coordination function. Unfortunately, when it comes to results, this approach proves its limits. READ MORE

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Maintaining Sales Team Motivation in Turbulent Times

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Getting Sales Recruitment Right - First time!

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Make your pipeline work for you

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Sales leaders face a new year

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6 Painless Telesales Techniques That Really Work

Telesales is effective because it lets you make sales through human conversation. But, because you’re on the phone, you can contact way more prospects in a given time than you could by meeting them face-to-face. It’s pretty cost-friendly compared to other sales and marketing techniques. READ MORE

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Thoughts of a Sales Manager

Working in sales for the last 18 years I have learnt from my experience and the experience of many other salespeople and sales that ‘consistently’ performing has now become the exception and NOT the norm. READ MORE

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The Sales Manager's Mid Year Check List

At this point in the year Sales Managers are well aware that time is slipping away in terms of hitting targets – for both teams and individuals. In this 3rd quarter the business that converts to revenue will, in the main, already be identified at a high percentage in the pipeline. READ MORE

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The Olympics 2012: A lesson for sales management?

Many people have discussed this and analysed the many reasons for this stunning success. Some of the reasons, but not all, are listed below and include John Major introducing the lottery which in turn led to the funding of elite athletes; enhanced facilities and equipment have also contributed.READ MORE

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Beyond Targets: Taking Your Sales Organisation to the Next Level

A body of work since the 1950’s suggests that whatever it is, it’s not money.READ MORE

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Solution Based Selling - Training in Action

...when the reality is that they are nothing more than another traditional transactional salesperson. (Nothing wrong with being transactional when it's appropriate, of course!) However none of us begin our career as a trusted advisor. It is the status to which most professional salespeople strive to become, for trust is earned. READ MORE

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“Leaving on a jet plane – don’t know when You’ll be back again?”

No one really likes criticism – even justified criticism but I guess we all need it. Such an uncomfortable denunciation came from William Hague the UK Foreign Secretary this weekend who urged us that “… there’s only one growth strategy: work hard”.READ MORE

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Negotiation - the DHL Global Mail Way

Mark Siviter, Managing Director of Sales, Europe at DHL Global Mail offers his take on the changing landscape of sales negotiation in his organisation.READ MORE

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Are you a boss or a leader?

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R U Anti-Social?

They are asking themselves whether it’s worth their time, resource and money.READ MORE

First Among Equals - Surviving promotion from within a team

You’ve applied, as have two of your colleagues. Over the last two years these people have become friends more than colleagues and you all agree that you’ll fully support who-ever gets the job – may the best person win! READ MORE

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Negotiate for your life!

I believe part of the answer lies in the inherent politeness and reluctance to give offence which is at the heart of our culture.Negotiation is often wrongly associated with tough entrepreneurs such as Alan Sugar and the candidates on the ‘The Apprentice’. However, you don’t have to be bolshie and blunt to be a good negotiator.READ MORE

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58 Miles to Brighton...!!

The team comprises: Dawn Lacey (Business Support), Jonathan Cox (Marketing Manager), Mike Davis (Business Development Manager) and Iqbal Kanji (Business Development Manager). READ MORE

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Digital Day and Social Media in Selling

The day was hosted by the founders, Graham and Sue Reeves at the Grovefield House Hotel, Burnham, Slough. It was designed to provide members with tools and techniques to improve and grow their online presence, as well as understand the power of social media in building and maintaining business relationships.READ MORE

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The client's view on Solution-Based Selling

The ClientAs a Director of Foodservice operator MKG Foods, Philip Mayling is responsible for all sales and marketing activity.READ MORE

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How to Lead and Harness the Potential of Clever People

They are highly talented individuals with skills and knowledge ‘passports’ that contribute largely to their company’s success [1]. Clever people want to be constantly stretched in their job role as their boredom threshold is extremely low – they thrive on autonomy and empowerment.READ MORE

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Reverse the charges - making telephone prospecting pay

The first place to get involved in prospecting and appointment setting is your internal sales people but before doing so you need to consider the following questions to ensure they are doing it right first time.How confident are they at getting to the decision maker? And once they've got through do they grab their attention or do they send them to sleep?READ MORE

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Solving the solution-based approach to selling

1) The first change is the language that is wrapped around sales and selling.READ MORE

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Are you losing business through unqualified appointments?

Do you feel under pressure to achieve your KPIs?Does your manager insist you meet with everyone?Do you feel deflated if someone says “no?”Do you travel miles for a quick chat over a coffee, just to tick a box?Could some of your business be won over the phone?To make a qualified appointment takes true skill.READ MORE

Delivering Pharmaceutical Value to Stakeholders - a global approach to development with TACK

In response to the quickly changing health care environment, suppliers in the pharmaceutical world need to think about value in relation to their stakeholders in order to continue to be successful in improving the lives of patients in the future.READ MORE

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Be an inspirational leader in challenging times

The impact of a Manager on their team’s performance has always been significant – in challenging times it becomes critical to success or even survival.READ MORE

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Negotiation Skills – 8 ways customers will help themselves to your profits if you let them

1. The budget bluff"That is all I have in my budget and so that is all I can afford to pay."2. The squeeze“Your competitor(s) are much less than you.”3. The reverse auction (online)“OK suppliers – here is a list of all your prices on screen. Would you like to submit a better offer?”READ MORE

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3 ways to retain your high potential and talented Salespeople

Your most valuable resource in Sales is your sales peopleAt the beginning of 2012 with its uncertain challenges it is worth considering how best to retain and develop your best potential and talent within your team. Here are three areas worth consideringREAD MORE

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Do you “…love it when a plan comes together?”

When planning for Survival and Success in 2012, it will depend partly on how you survived the first dip of recession. Now it's threatening to turn into a ‘double dip’ some further changes are needed. A number of key questions need to be included for this year’s plan. Yet how will you evaluate success and failure in 2012?READ MORE

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Key Account Management – the 8 essentials

So what points does a key account manager have to remember right now?1. Work like you were on their payroll not yoursIf you are doing your job 100% then your customers should feel like you are representing their interests more than your own company’s (in reality you are representing both equally).READ MORE

International Sales Training – developing a cross cultural sales process

One of the keys to successful global selling is to adapt your sales approach to different regional and local business practices. You have to translate your selling for culture as well as for language. So is it possible to have one sales training approach for all your different sales teams around the world? READ MORE

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5 Leadership Illusions

Leaders have far less control over organisations than many people believe.However they can be more effective if they understand some leadership illusions and use them to their company’s advantage - these crafts can be learnt.READ MORE

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