Safety Excellence in Action - Client Case Study

Global FMCG Company

Developing Leaders for
Safety & Health Excellence


Accelerating the journey to Zero Accident through Ownership


  • Background


    Fortune Global 500 food and beverage giant with over 300,000 employees in almost 200 countries, providing high quality consumer focused products. 


    Accelerate the ‘trickling down’ of ownership of Safety and Health throughout the organisation worldwide, ensuring all employees are engaged and actively contributing to improving Safety and Health and ultimately achieving the goal of ‘Zero Accident’.

    Provide a programme which encourages ownership of Safety and Health by all leaders, in order that they become role models for others through their dedication, actions and behaviours.

    Aim for all employees - over 300,000 people - to participate in a ‘safety ownership’ training experience between 2016 and 2025 by engaging internal leaders as facilitators of the 'Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health' programme.

  • Project

    Project Overview

    The Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health project included;

    Design, facilitation and continuous development with the help of the client's own Safety and Health Executives.

    Pilot sessions with senior leaders from client divisions and entities from around the world

    Design of a 1-2 day 'Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health' workshop with the same process steps – tailored, culturally adapted and translated for different audiences

    A division specific workshop and documentation package including safety improvement tools

    A workshop tailored for office and administrative staff - Caring Through Health & Safety, following the consistent process steps to Leadership programme.

    A workshop focused on giving caring feedback for an additional division of the client's organisation.

  • Why TACK?

    Partner Selection

    TACK joined a competitive tendering process, initially involving 93 organisations, and was selected as a globally approved provider.

    Key Selection Criteria

    Key selection criteria for this client included:

    Worldwide presence

    Local language delivery

    Experience, scale and flexibility

    Pre and post support and implementation support

    Strength of references provided by existing clients

    TACK's appointment marked the beginning of the development of the 'Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health' workshop - a collaborative project involving the client's Group Director of Safety and Health and the Safety and Health Leadership Team -consisting of professionals from various sites around the world.

    Following the integration of learning from three pilot workshops involving participants of different levels and markets, the 'Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health' approach was born.

  • Approach

    The Client's Approach

    Much of the Safety and Health leadership efforts are centred around the company's philosophy - "founded in caring" - and a call to ownership demonstrated by the leaders. The client organisation applied a top-down approach to implementing change in Safety and Health.

    Early efforts to improve safety performance were very focused on identifying risks and solving problems by generating technical solutions. This allowed the client to generate impressive results - including a steep decline in Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) - in less than 10 years.

    The client's ‘Inside-out’ approach relied on shared values, educating and coaching, rather than adopting an ‘Outside-in’ model focused on imposing and sanctioning. This meant engaging the top leaders, followed by the next level down to achieve full ‘Ownership’ at their level and modelling consistently the desired behaviours for others to follow.

    The objective of Zero Accident - the view that one accident is one too many - complements both the company philosophy and the client's Safety and Health vision 

    There is now a pervading belief that to continue improving safety performance, the focus needs to be put on ‘Safety Behaviours’. Given the broad vision, there is increasing demand for expanding the dialogue and solutions to health and wellbeing beyond occupational health.

  • Outcomes


    From 2012 to 2015 inclusive TACK has run 340 'Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health' workshops in 48 countries

    The workshop evaluations scored an average of 94%

    In many of the client's markets TACK has become the preferred partner for Safety and Health Leadership training


    “The TACK approach has taken us from a very rational approach to a more emotional one. We are now able to bring more depth and quality into Behavioural Based Safety conversations by applying these approaches in order to further improve our results."
    Division Team Leaders

    “A lot has changed at our organisation. We are now ready to overcome the next hurdle: internalisation of the Safety and Health Leadership demonstrated in the workshops. We need our leaders to be coached, so they can in turn facilitate 'Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health sessions, fully demonstrating their ownership of Safety and Health and being credible role models in their organisations.
    Safety and Health Leader

    “When we were told that we are going to run these workshops at our location and that everyone will be invited to attend, some of us feared it as safety related trainings are typically boring. This workshop was beyond any expectations - highly relevant and personal, revealing personal convictions and human behaviours and motivations related to the topic. I am now really eager to engage myself actively in Safety, driven by passion, rather than because I have to."

    Head Office Participant


“Leadership is the single most important determinant of S&H performance and in our organisation the investment in training for leadership is bringing back significant results. TACK has been a great partner in this journey, helping us with the 'leader training' of over 4,000 people in the last few years”

Group Safety and Health Manager


What could an undeveloped safety culture cost your business?

As this case study highlights, safety isn't about following a process, it's a culture based on an intrinsic desire for safer living. 

Find out more about the very real and significant risks a limited or undeveloped safety culture presents to your business. 


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Behavioural Based Safety isn’t an off-the-shelf solution.

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The solution needs to be right for your company taking into account your vision, values and existing culture.

TACK partners with clients to design a journey that stimulates continuous and sustainable improvement in safety behaviours and performance.

Ultimately, the solution must change attitudes, trigger commitment and make excellence in safety behaviours an intrinsic way of life.

Contact us for a consultation – we’ll explore together how your organisation can realise the benefits of creating a strong safety culture.