Resilience and Wellbeing

Maximising individual and team performance through resilience and wellbeing.

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High spots

  • Increase your own personal resilience 
  • Improve your teams ability to cope with the pressures of today's work demands, safegaurding and wellbeing 
  • Prevent pressures and demands building up and imploding 
  • Keep teams engaged, motivated and performing at their optimum 
  • Reduce stress related absenteeism, improve retention and productivity 
  • Build a resillient organisation 


Business benefit

Our one day, highly interactive and practical Resilience and Wellbeing course equips managers and leaders with the skills and techniques to maximise personal and team performance through resilient and wellbeing behaviours. Employing a range of techniques including: exercises, games, group and individual activities, managers and leaders will leave confident in their ability to manage their own response to pressure and their ability to practice a range coping strategies, techniques and behaviours to build resilience and manage the wellbeing of their workforce.


Target audience

This programme has been created for managers and leaders that are looking to develop their personal resilience and understand how they can support employee wellbeing by better supporting their teams to cope with today's workplace pressures.

Key learning points & outcomes

On completing the course you will be able to:

  • Identify and assess the elements that comprise a resilient organisation and how these positively impact performance
  • Determine personal resilience and wellbeing; identifying strengths and development areas
  • Illustrate the impact of stress and poor wellbeing on performance
  • Recognise the early warning signs or symptoms of poor wellbeing, within themselves and their team
  • Appreciate the link between wellbeing and resilience
  • Practice a range of coping strategies, techniques and resilient behaviours to build resilience and manage poor wellbeing
  • Know how to challenge negative thoughts and promote positive thinking
  • Role model resilient behaviours

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Course dates

London, Prospero House

Duration: 1 day

30 Nov 2018
£ 599book