Safety as a Key Business Driver

Safety Benefits

Creating and sustaining a culture of Safety Excellence is an essential part of a successful business model. 

  • Organisations that embrace, prioritise and promote excellence in safety will benefit from a more committed and effective workforce, improving overall performance, productivity and profitability.
  • Safety Excellence recognises the true cost of accidents and the extreme damage that can be caused to both business and people - damage that extends beyond the financial impact, where lives are changed and futures are re-shaped.

    The legal, moral and emotional aspects of an accident or fatality will all contribute to the final and far-reaching cost.
  1. Through our work with global organisations, we have seen the powerful results that can be achieved by looking beyond compliance.  When compliance moves towards total commitment – embracing the concept that ‘everyone owns safety’ and is responsible for contributing to a safer environment - workforce engagement quickly increases and team connections are strengthened. 

    TACK has found that employees who are part of an organisation with a strong safety culture feel more valued and supported than those who experience a less embedded culture of commitment to safety – especially those working in environments with a higher than average degree of risk.

    The feeling of being cared for is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be under estimated as as it contributes significantly to employee satisfaction and motivation – impacting retention of quality people and higher levels of productivity from both individual and team.

Proud and Pride are two words that crop up continuously as employees have undergone the training.
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  1. The financial benefits of improved productivity and staff retention as a result of higher engagement and a sense of belonging are clear and significant.

    It is these key motivators that have driven our clients to work with us as partners to develop cultures of Safety Excellence within their organisations.

Higher Risk Industries

If your organisation operates in these, or other higher risk industries, taking steps to develop Safety Excellence is paramount;

Pharmaceutical Worker


Construction Worker


Chemicals Worker


Manufacturing Worker


 Be on the preferred suppliers list

  1. Many organisations have ever tighter criteria surrounding supplier selection. It is essential for these organisations to clearly see that their suppliers have the appropriate practices in place that support Safety Excellence throughout the working environment in their supply chain.
  2. The impact of safety failures is potentially significant for the buying company as well as the supplier, as has been seen with high street retailers in recent years. Even if a company deals directly with the end user, the PR disaster of a serious safety incident can be very damaging to its reputation and business performance.
Safety Leadership

Safety Starts with Leadership

Do your leaders and their teams truly understand the consequences of a poor safety culture?
Does your organisation see safety as a key success factor?


How TACK can help

How TACK Can Help You

Explore how TACK’s unique approach to behavioural based safety impacts business results. We can help you realise the benefits of a strong safety culture by moving from compliance to commitment.



Beyond Compliance

From Compliant Behaviour to Committed Behaviour.  A workforce committed to a culture of behaviour based safety contributes to safe, healthy and motivated people - both inside and outside the workplace.


Injured Worker

The Cost of Poor Safety

Safety is not just about following a process. It’s a culture based on an intrinsic desire for safer living. Don’t let a poor safety culture limit the success of your business.


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Safety Excellence in Action: Case Study 1

Discover how TACK International partnered with Morgan Advanced Materials to embed a culture of safety across the globe.


Safety Excellence in Action: Case Study 2

Find out how TACK helped this leading global FMCG company to take ownership of Safety and Health.


Behavioural Based Safety isn’t an off-the-shelf solution.
Creating a culture of Safety Excellence isn’t about a single training event, simple knowledge transfer or just telling people to comply.
The solution needs to be right for your company taking into account your vision, values and existing culture.

TACK partners with clients to design a journey that stimulates continuous and sustainable improvement in safety behaviours and performance.

Ultimately, the solution must change attitudes, trigger commitment and make excellence in safety behaviours an intrinsic way of life for everyone.

Contact us for a consultation – we’ll explore together how your organisation can create Safety Excellence.