Beyond Compliance - What Ensures Safety Excellence?

Ensure your employees embrace safety because they want to, not just because they have to.

  • Despite increasing awareness of the costs of unsafe behaviours, many businesses still do not have full understanding and appreciation of the consequences. Too many workplace accidents are still occurring.

    Over 2015-2016 in the UK alone, 621,000 workplace injuries and 144 fatalities were suffered, according to the Health and Safety Executive 'Health and Safety at Work - Summary Statistics Report for Great Britain, 2016'.

    Furthermore, evidence shows that there is insufficient recognition of the benefits that a prevention culture brings to business and people performance.

  • To keep your workforce safe, engaged and productive compliance alone is not enough.

Commitment Beyond Compliance
is Required.

  1. People need to feel safe.
  2. Lives need to be saved.
  3. Families need to be protected from loss.
  4. Futures need to be secured.

  5. Whilst creating a compliance culture will achieve certain levels of safety behaviour, organisations need to look beyond compliance to transition from a plateauing safety performance to continual improvement.
  6. It has been shown that enforcing rules and regulations has a limited effect on people’s behaviours. It is the emotional connection – the desire for safer living – that drives higher levels of consistent safe behaviour.
  7. Moving behaviours on from compliant to committed is the next step on the journey to Safety Excellence.
Safety starts with leadership

It Starts with Leadership.

  • Creating and embedding a culture of Safety Excellence requires ‘buy in’ from the workforce. Individuals and teams need to recognise how they can contribute to this transformation. The journey they need to take will involve them in the process and truly engage them in the practice, gaining their total commitment to reaching safety excellence.
  • This culture change needs to be a critical component of the organisation's vision and can only be effectively implemented when led from the top. Leadership behaviours are key to the success of any initiative in the workplace.

    The solutions we have shaped for our client organisations in the development of stronger safety cultures have focused on identifying, building and embedding these essential leadership behaviours.

  • Sustainability activities have ensured that these behaviours are lived, role-modelled and continuously reinforced throughout the business in every working environment.


Injured worker

The Cost of Poor Safety

Safety is not just about following a process. It’s a culture based on an intrinsic desire for safer living. Don’t let a poor safety culture limit the success of your business.


How TACK can help

How TACK Can Help You

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Benefits of a safety culture

Safety: A Key Business Driver

Safety Excellence is about much more than the financial impact. Have you considered how your business can thrive and grow with a committed workforce?


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Behavioural Based Safety isn’t an off-the-shelf solution.

Creating a culture of Safety Excellence isn’t about a single training event, simple knowledge transfer or just telling people to comply.

The solution needs to be right for your company taking into account your vision, values and existing culture.

TACK partners with clients to design a journey that stimulates continuous and sustainable improvement in safety behaviours and performance.

Ultimately, the solution must change attitudes, trigger commitment and make excellence in safety behaviours an intrinsic way of life for everyone.

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