Safety Starts with Leadership

Safety starts with leadership

Business owners and leaders have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure their teams are well looked after. Most employees take it for granted that they will go home to their families after work in the same way as they left them in the morning.

This responsibility cannot be shirked. Ensuring that people remain safe is one of the first lookouts for business owners in any industry sector, particularly those identified as having a higher degree of risk.

Once Leaders embrace Safety and adjust their mind-set from just being accountable to feeling accountable, it's easier for employees and teams to recognise the right behaviours and follow suit.

Leaders who think and act 'beyond compliance' enable and empower their teams to take ownership for creating a safer environment.

They lead teams who understand the contribution they can make in challenging unsafe acts, reporting near misses and consciously looking to improve best practice for themselves and their colleagues. 

Leaders who advocate Safety Excellence focus on increasing leading indicator activities, coaching and encouraging safer behaviours at every opportunity.

Do your organisation's Leaders strive for Safety Excellence?


Increasingly companies are realising that compliance alone does not give the progressive Safety performance that is now required by ISO 14001 -
It Starts with Leadership.


Take a look at these statements.
Left or right? Is your organisation leading or lagging when it comes to Safety?

  • Leaders and Influencers take the lead when it comes to safety and everyone is on board – all staff have a responsibility when it comes to safety.
  • Our safety record is excellent. We regularly monitor statistics and look for areas for improvement.
  • Our organisation understands the impact of Safety on the bottom line/profitability. Investments are made to help build a safety culture.
  • Near misses are always reported on, actioned and learnt from.
  • Safe behaviours in our organisation have become a way of life. Everyone feels safe, cared for and valued in our workplace.
  • Nobody in our organisation takes ownership of Safety.

  • Our safety record isn’t bad. Our organisation relies on compliance.
  • Commercial considerations are put before Safety. We don't tend to invest beyond what is necessary for compliance.
  • Near misses are mostly ignored – nothing actually happened!
  • Our organisation talks compliance, but isn't committed to living safer. 


The thinkSAFE programme has raised the profile of Safety across the Morgan Group.

thinkSAFE has helped leaders in the group to understand the role they have to play for successful Health & Safety performance and in particular by being visible and demonstrating genuine action in Health & Safety activities.

Neeraj Shah EHS Global Director
Kathleen Coward, thinkSAFE Global Manager
Morgan Advanced Materials




Beyond Compliance

  • From Compliant Behaviour to Committed Behaviour. A workforce committed to a culture of behaviour based safety contributes to safe, healthy and motivated people - both inside and outside the workplace.

Injured Worker

The Cost of Poor Safety

  • Safety is not just about following a process. It’s a culture based on an intrinsic desire for safer living. Don’t let a poor safety culture limit the success of your business.


safety benefits

Safety: A Key Business Driver

  • Safety excellence is about much more than the financial impact. Have you considered how your business can thrive and grow with a committed workforce?


How TACK can help

How TACK Can Help You

Explore how TACK’s unique approach to behavioural based safety impacts business results. We can help you realise the benefits of a strong safety culture by moving from compliance to commitment.


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Behavioural Based Safety isn't an off-the-shelf solution.

  • Creating a culture of safety isn't about a single training event, simple knowledge transfer or just telling people to comply.

  • The solution needs to be right for your company taking into account your vision, values and existing culture.

  • TACK partners with clients to design a journey that stimulates continuous and sustainable improvement in safety behaviours and performance.

  • Ultimately, the solution must change attitudes, trigger commitment and make excellence in safety behaviours an intrinsic way of life.

  • Contact us for a consultation – we'll explore together how your organisation can create Safety Excellence.