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  • Background

    Client: Morgan Advanced Materials

    Morgan Advanced Materials plc is an advanced materials technology company that provides highly engineered solutions to its chosen markets. Morgan has a global presence with operations in more than 50 countries.

    Its markets range from medical instruments, aerospace, power generation and satellite communications, to body armour, trains and fire protection systems.

    Their products are fundamental components for enabling technologies in many of the modern world's sophisticated products.

    Morgan’s dynamic, highly skilled workforce of circa 9000 people employed globally are responsible for developing solutions for complex and technologically advanced applications worldwide.


    Effective and efficient manufacturing processes and operations are essential in maintaining Morgan’s position in their market place.

    Health & Safety is an integral part of these operations and progressing towards a Zero Harm culture across the world is both a key value as well as a non-negotiable goal.

    This value is driven by the commitment of the Board and the engagement of Senior Management to continually improving the working environment and attitudes towards Health & Safety.

    The thinkSAFE concept was created by Morgan to consolidate and develop all aspects of Health & Safety activity across the world.

    The central Behavioural Based Safety training programmes for leaders and managers were delivered by TACK. This was followed by a joint programme designed by Morgan and TACK to develop an internal resource within Morgan of local thinkSAFE champions responsible for delivering and reinforcing the thinkSAFE programme and principles across the remainder of the workforce.

  • Project

    thinkSAFE Objectives

    Morgan’s partnership with TACK was aimed at helping them deliver the thinkSAFE global programme. The overall objectives of the thinkSAFE programme are:

    1.To reduce all work related lost time accidents and illness

    2.To introduce a Behavioural based Health &Safety culture which is embedded in the core values of the organisation

    3.To support the five strategic Morgan pillars through Behavioural Health & Safety (especially innovation, operational excellence and cost reduction, right people)

    4.To support all employees in taking personal ownership for Health & Safety

    The 12 month goal was for 98% of the workforce to be touched by the thinkSAFE concept by the end of 2015.

    Four thinkSAFE Elements

    There are four key elements that were designed and developed by Morgan to ensure the sustainability, value and success of the thinkSAFE initiative:

    thinkSAFE Safety Corners – a visible branded location within each Morgan site where employees are able to obtain the latest relevant information regarding Health and Safety. TACK were delighted to contribute to the design and implementation of this key element.

    thinkSAFE portal – an internal intranet embedded within the Safety Corners where employees are able to access and share all matters relevant to Health and Safety within Morgan.

    thinkSAFE Incident Management System – where all lost time incidents can be instantly reported and shared globally ensuring all employees are aware of all relevant safety issues and best practices at the earliest opportunity.

    thinkSAFE local Champions – an internal global resource instigated by Morgan’s H&S management and developed by TACK which is responsible for training, embedding and reinforcing the thinkSAFE message within local site’s worldwide.

  • Why TACK?

    Partner Selection

    Following a competitive presentation process to an international panel followed by discussions with key stakeholders TACK was selected by Morgan to become their strategic partner for the thinkSAFE initiative and their preferred supplier for Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) programme.

    Key Selection Criteria

    Key selection criteria for Morgan included:

    Global coverage, language and cultural capability and experience in delivering high profile multilevel projects

    Non-prescriptive and creative approach to the complexities of the initiative – the suggestion of a collaborative partnership

    Ability to interpret Morgan’s requirements

    Unique leadership approach to Behavioural Based Safety

    Credibility of the Behavioural Based Safety work carried out for other Clients and our extensive Leadership Client Portfolio

    Creative ideas for ensuring sustainability – e.g. Safety Corners

    Evaluation and Reporting infrastructure for training workshops.

  • Approach

    The thinkSAFE Approach

    To achieve the objectives set for thinkSAFE an integrated approach was required to trigger and embed the behavioural change required. The Behavioural Based Safety training workshops needed to be sustained and supported by an integrated development approach. TACK supported Morgan with the initial development of two key elements:

    Safety Corners – where employees can gather all the latest information around Health and Safety

    thinkSAFE Incident Management System – where all Lost time incidents are reported and shared globally so all employees can learn from them.

    Safety corners and 24/7 portals are now located in every Morgan site worldwide at the heart of the working environment.

    Morgan were unambiguous in their commitment that thinkSAFE would become part of the Health & Safety culture on a continuous on-going basis and that every employee needed to be empowered to take ownership for maintaining the momentum and the future success of the initiative.

    TACK's Expertise

    Using their extensive global resource and expertise TACK worked with Morgan to develop a programme covering 18 countries in 14 languages and supporting and embedding important post programme elements.

    It was recognised that the success of the initiative would be dependent on a top down commitment to adopting the thinkSAFE concept.

    As a result a four level Behavioural Based Safety programme was jointly designed by Morgan and TACK and delivered by TACK to 1500 managers and key influencers within the Morgan business:

    1. Strategic thinkSAFE in Action – The Board, and Senior Executives (half day)

    2. Leading thinkSAFE (Core Module) – for all Managers and also those in a position to influence others (two days)

    At this stage in the programme it was agreed that ownership for cascading the thinkSAFE message should move internally to Morgan’s own EHS ‘Champions’ with TACK piloting the thinkSAFE in Action workshop and developing and delivering a Train the Trainer(TTT) for all EHS ‘Champions’ worldwide.

    3.thinkSAFE in Action – for all employees (plant, admin, operations and sales) (one day). Initial pilots were delivered by TACK with the core programme rolled out by Morgan Champions after attending the thinkSAFE Train-The-Trainer.

    4.thinkSAFE in Action – Train the Trainer (TTT) Designed to upskill and enable Morgan’s own EHS Champions to roll out the thinkSAFE in Action workshop to their site personnel. (1 day)

    Morgan’s EHS Champions went on to deliver thinkSAFE in Action to over 7,500 employees and contractors and continue to build on the initial programme by regular key topic training and coaching.

  • Outcomes


    121 workshops delivered in 18 countries and 14 languages, covering 1500 managers/employees (TACK delivered)

    9500 employees in total touched by the thinkSAFE concept by the end of 2015 (8,000 employees and contractors being trained by Morgan EHS Champions/trainers who were initially trained by TACK)

    91% of the feedback received agreed the Leading thinkSAFE workshop was valuable

    Lost time frequency rate reduced by 39% in the first year

    Work time lost improved by 22%


    Bespoke material design and development reflecting the Morgan approach, key messages and processes. Complementing the Behavioural Based Safety approach with the integration of Morgan’s bespoke Visual Safety Leadership process/methodology - giving added structure and measurement to post workshop activities Practical safety leadership toolkit

    Multi-language delivery reflecting multicultural and local market adaptation

    Continuous progress tracking and reviewing reactions/responses with key stakeholders and leaders. Evaluation and Reporting infrastructure

    Design of platform for Health &Safety survey populated by Morgan H&S Management


Proud and Pride are two words that crop up continuously as employees have undergone the training. We have had employees approach the trainers to tell us they never thought they would learn anything at a Health and Safety workshop but were really surprised how much they enjoyed it and how much they were going to use the tools when they returned to their work stations.

Neeraj Shah EHS Global Director
Kathleen Coward – thinkSAFE Global Manager
Morgan Advanced Materials


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