Why TACK Open Courses?


Open programmes have often been considered as ideal for businesses who don’t have sufficient employees with similar learning needs to fill a session, or those who struggle to justify the costs of bringing training ‘in-house’ - but aside from individual gap filling there are many more advantages to open programmes than you may initially think.

Avoid ‘sheep-dipping’ and making do – it’s a fact of life that everyone has different levels of knowledge, experience and ability. No two people in a workplace are the same, nor do they necessarily have the same development requirements.

Open programmes offer cost-effective, targeted development solutions to individuals within organisations ranging in size from garage-based start-ups to global giants. But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve compiled a list of the key reasons why our clients choose to learn through TACK open courses.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Opt For Open Programmes


1. Diversity of Delegates… Insight from Outside

Open workshops allow individuals to draw upon the diverse experience of other delegates and gain insight into approaches from different industries. Meeting and networking with new people from other organisations who face similar challenges and objectives, and are looking to improve on a similar skill-set, contributes to a richer learning experience.

2. Less Distraction... Full Commitment

An open programme learning format takes employees away from their workplace, their colleagues and their day-to-day distractions to a safe and comfortable external learning environment. Eliminating ‘noise’ from the mind allows for increased concentration and full commitment to learning and practicing the new skills they need.

3. Small Group Sizes… More ‘Me’ Time

Open programmes limit seat availability to an optimum number for learning, based on several factors including the course content, level of complexity and research on how adults learn best. Smaller group sizes allow for more interaction, time for one-to-one coaching and valuable feedback from fellow delegates of a similar seniority and experience level.

4. The Full Package… Before, During and After

There are no headaches with open programmes, everything is taken care of for you. The administration, scheduling, pre-work, venue, catering and so on are all managed on your behalf, way in advance. The learning event itself is led by an experienced, high-calibre training consultant using independently endorsed, research-based practical learning content that can be learnt one day, used and applied the next. The often overlooked 'After' includes a personalised learning portal, giving the individual 24 hour access to resources, tools, tips and reinforcements to help make their learning stick and support the application back into their workplace. Simple. Effective. Stress-free.

5. They’re Ready to Roll…

Convenient and accessible to everyone. Open courses are ready when you are. Great locations, never too far from where you're based and on a range of dates throughout the year to fit in with your schedule.