TACK International exists to help your organisation to thrive and reach performance excellence.

TACK International is a world leading provider of learning and development solutions that make an impact and deliver real value.

We believe in people. In their ability to learn, grow and excel.

And our business is to equip individuals, at all levels, in any organisation, anywhere in the world with the essential skills, know-how and confidence to achieve.

  • We help drive your sales results.
  • We help your Leaders and Managers execute strategy.
  • We help your people be the best that they can be.

This is our promise to you.


The TACK story so far

At TACK, we are proud share our strong heritage that all began with a small UK family business back in the ‘30’s.

George Tack – an engineer, and his brother Alfred – a natural salesman, established ‘NuAire’ in 1937, producing and selling ventilation and heating systems.

Employing a large team of commission-only salespeople, the TACK brothers developed an internal sales training programme that yielded outstanding results. Word of ‘TACK’s training’ travelled fast within UK industries and many people from different businesses came to observe and learn professional selling skills, centred on a customer-centric “You, We, I” concept.

The entrepreneurial brothers recognised a new market for sales training and decided to share their expertise officially, through the foundation of an independent training and development business. The ‘TACK School of Salesmanship’ was established in 1948.

TACK’s training continued to grow and their practical sales training programme became widely recognised. Alfred Tack went on to author many books, published in multiple languages on sales, management and communication topics.

The TACK brothers approach and legacy lives on today and the ‘You, We, I’ concept remains a red thread, both in our way of working and through TACK’s world-class learning solutions.

George and Alfred Tack could never have imagined just how much their business would grow and flourish over the decades to follow.

TACK Milestones


TACK Training Founded


The start of TACK's international network


TACK International joins PRC Group


TACK International joins Gi Group


The Future and beyond

I attended an original TACK sales training programme in London as a 25 year old Steel Sales Representative. Best thing that ever happened to me. At nearly 80 years old, sales has been my life. TACK taught me to listen and have empathy – skills that have stayed with me every day since. TACK provided the foundations for my success. Thank you TACK.”

Peter Yeates, Sales Director, Barrett Steel

Our Expertise

Over 70 years of research and practical experience of helping people to learn, grow and reach their full potential means that TACK is able to support you in achieving world-class sales, leadership and individual performance.

If you need practical learning solutions that engage, inspire and motivate your people, provoke behaviour change and deliver performance improvement that lasts, TACK can help.

TACK specialises in 3 focus areas:

Sales Enablement Solutions

Leadership & Management Solutions

Personal Development Solutions


The Network

TACK International is part of the powerful TACK & TMI global Network of offices, partners, consultants, designers, trainers, coaches, facilitators and subject matter experts in 55+ countries, serving clients in 37 languages.

Passionate about making a difference, the TACK & TMI Network has a long-standing ‘family’ bond, shared values and a core and common belief in the potential of individuals.

If you are interested to find out more about our Network, visit the TACK & TMI Global website.

Furthermore, TACK International is part of Gi Group – a major multi-national staffing firm offering a wide range of HR related services. TACK, alongside sister company TMI, represents the group’s specialist Learning and Development practice.

To learn more about Gi Group, visit the website at www.gigroup.com.


Work With Us

Hoping to join our Network?

TACK International is an ever-growing, global business, always open to hearing from new talent.

Whilst we are not currently recruiting for roles within our Global Headquarters team, if you feel you have something to offer, please do get in touch. Of course, we’ll advertise any upcoming vacancies here, so do check back with us regularly.

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