Our Expertise in Leadership and Management

Through research, field testing and experience, TACK has extended its expertise to offer a far-reaching leadership and management solutions portfolio for New Managers up to the C-Suite.

TACK brings quality content and learning technologies, coupled with talented subject matter experts, consultants and facilitators, to help you solve leadership and management challenges across multiple functions, industries and geographies.

We are trusted partners to many of the worlds leading organisations. We can help you to achieve leadership and management excellence on a global scale too.

Why not take a look at some of our Success Stories to learn how clients have benefitted from TACK’s approach and wide curriculum of leadership and management solutions?


Leadership and Management Challenges

Being a great Manager is a function of personal qualities, your knowledge and understanding of your employees’ situation, your ability to motivate people and to set clear purpose, goals and expectations within your teams.

Managers face a tension between utilising resources effectively and inspiring teams to give 100% effort to ensure high performance and results.

Leaders in today’s challenging business environment are under huge pressure to achieve more with less. As well as providing vision and direction, great leaders lead by example, plan meticulously, apply process, are disciplined, show courage and decisiveness. They understand, develop and grow their people, provide fair reward and recognition, balance individual and team needs and harness the past while handling the demands of the present and future.

Good leaders motivate people to have confidence in them – great leaders motivate people to have confidence in themselves.

Whatever leadership and management challenges you face, we are here to help you navigate your way effectively in this daunting, yet hugely rewarding role.

TACK International equips Leaders and Managers with the necessary know-how, skills and confidence to excel in the following areas:

Making Decisions, Problem Solving, Managing Time, Motivating Employees, Working Under Pressure, Strategic Thinking, Delegating, Influencing, Coaching, Performance Management and more.

World-Class Leadership and Management Programmes, Designed for YOU

From new Managers to Executives, TACK will ensure your top talent receives targeted skills development for optimum performance.

Through TACK's leadership and management courses, you’ll receive practical tools and knowledge that you can apply right away, for immediate impact when you return to your workplace .

Management is all about "creating results through, and together with, others". As a participant, you will find that our management courses and programmes are designed to be relevant to people working in all types of industry, because they focus on management as a transferable skill-set.

All TACK’s leadership and management training courses - whether specific to sales management or within other functional leadership and management - aim to improve both the Manager’s own efforts and results and the performance of their employees.

TACK offers an extensive range of both standard and tailor made leadership and management courses. Below you can browse a small selection of TACK’s leadership and management programmes.

Management Essentials Part One

First steps to developing and directing a highly motivated team.

Management Essentials Part Two

Reach your full potential as a Manager.

The New Manager

A springboard to management success!

Coaching Conversations that Get Results

Offered in conjunction with sister company, TMI World

Making Great Business Decisions

Make Sound Decisions for Positive Outcomes.

Strategic Thinking

Skills to Shape Your Organisation’s Future

Leadership in Senior Management

Inspire and lead your people to success

Motivational Leadership

Meet the needs of your Followers!

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