A global insights study into how companies transfer learning into workplace behaviour

The belief that training in isolation rarely yields long-term behaviour change and improved performance is increasingly common. Maximising return on training investment is a much talked-about topic and there is a wealth of information available about the effectiveness of learning, yet little is documented about what organisations are actually doing today to ensure learning ‘sticks’.

Prior to launching the Making Learning Stick In Action global study, TACK International researched and analysed a wide range of insightful third party reports focusing on how people learn and the implications for Learning and Development and Human Resources.

This research study took a different approach to the topic of learning and conducted a detailed analysis of the process of effective learning transfer, firstly looking into behaviour and then, and more importantly, into workplace performance and bottom line results.

The insights of this TACK International study will be of value to HR and Learning and Development professionals, as well as any leader or manager responsible for the growth and development of their teams.

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