Our Expertise in Personal Development

Your effectiveness as an individual is fundamental to your personal career development and to the success of your organisation.

For decades, TACK International has supported individuals in some of the world’s leading organisations with the development of core and essential interpersonal and business skills.

Our solutions for individuals who seek to improve their personal efficiency and performance cover a wide spectrum of development areas, providing knowledge and practical skills for immediate implementation and lasting results. 

Our personal development know-how is based on respected and recognised principles and models and is regularly updated to reflect best practice. Partnering with TACK for personal development ensures employees receive the resources, confidence and motivation to keep growing professionally and enhance their career prospects.

What’s more – we’ll leave your people with ‘the TACK smile’ – a sense of pride and personal achievement that comes from learning, growing and succeeding.

Personal Development Challenges

Addressing personal development areas and improving essential business skills, such as presenting effectively, influencing stakeholders, asserting yourself and communicating ideas, managing time and resources wisely or increasing financial understanding, will significantly improve your confidence, personal fulfilment, performance and contribution to your organisation’s success.

Whatever challenges you face in your current role, or if you are keen to further your career by developing new and transferable interpersonal and business skills, we are here to help – and we believe in YOU!

TACK International equips team members and individual contributors in all organisational roles with essential skills and confidence to reach high levels of performance in a wide range of personal development areas:

Influence and Communication, Assertiveness and Self-Confidence, Career Development, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Working Under Pressure, Business Acumen and more.

World Class Personal Development Programmes,
Designed For YOU

Learn with us, increase your personal value and help to drive your organisation forward.

TACK’s far-reaching portfolio of personal development solutions aim to equip professionals with the rounded business and communication skills required to achieve their full potential and make a positive impact .

Below you can browse a small selection of TACK’s personal development courses.

Influencing and Communication

Increase your impact and personal effectiveness!

Presentation Skills

Become a powerful & persuasive presenter

Successful Networking

Make a lasting impression!

Making your Time Count

Become a Master ‘Time User’!

Finance for Non-Finance People

Plan your profits, take control and protect your cash flow.

Career Development

Identify your potential and define your path!

Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

Essential skills for business success

Conflict Management

Resolve Workplace Conflicts effectively

Business Acumen

Gain business insights to make better decisions

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