TACK International were privileged to be selected as the trusted partner to design and deliver a bespoke sales development programme for this client’s sales force of 1870 people in 40 countries and 14 languages.

In close collaboration with the client, TACK were able to understand the goals and aspirations for development of sales capability and a common language across a global sales force. With a Network of high calibre trainers, and proven learning design capability, TACK were able to seamlessly deliver the initiative across geographies – maintaining quality and consistency, whilst accommodating the needs of local markets.

The intervention involved training and deployment of 25 Trainers to enhance skills and capabilities of the global sales force in close to 100 sessions, resulting in a Level 1 Evaluation score of 90% with a Net Promoter Score of 89%.

Following the success of this initiative, TACK International were engaged to help sustain and embed the global sales skills further. Through coaching sessions and support for a group of high-performing individuals identified as internal ‘Champions’ within the organisation, the organisation now has a team of role models for the ‘way of selling’ – who reinforce the language, skills and process, empowering local sales forces to utilise and extend their sales capabilities for optimum performance results.

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